Afghan intelligence agency involved in Balochistan unrest: intelligence sources

Afghan intelligence agency involved in Balochistan unrest: intelligence sources

isiQUETTA: Pakistan intelligence sources have claimed that they have authenticated evidence of involvement of Afghan secret agencies in Balochistan unrest and important members of terrorists have also been arrested.

According to a private TV channel, the members of terrorists have also been arrested and the held terrorists during the interrogation in Chaman have confessed that they carried out several terrorist acts, including blast in Chaman on January 24, attack on security forces on March 3 and attack on Levies Lines Chaman on March 18.

Many security officials were killed during these attacks. The sources have revealed that the network of these terrorists was being supported by IG Police Afghanistan Abdul Razzaq.

The arrested terrorist, including Afghan national Abdullah and Pakistani national Garran, got terror training in Afghanistan.

These terrorists held a meeting with IG Afghan Border Police on January 2013. According to sources Sher Jan Bugti was also present in the said meeting.
The terrorists are also involved in smuggling.

Sources said that after the arrest of Latifullah Mehsud and the above mentioned group it has been established that Afghan intelligence agency was involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Earlier in September, investigators on the trail of insurgency in Balochistan have found evidence showing Afghanistan was facilitating the insurgent organizations in spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

A report prepared by the country’s prime intelligence agency contains proof against India and Afghanistan in connection with providing facilities to the Baloch separatists as well as the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) to carry out terrorist activities in Balochistan and other parts of the country.

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  1. This is unfortunate that we are still a leaderless and a rudderless nation.Leaving aside many other important things, see the map of present Pakistan. We are shy of showing Kashmir even as a disputed territory , what to talk of showing it as Part of Pakistan.Not only this is a defeated mentality but also erasing the issue from the national agenda. Soon the coming generations will forget that Kashmir should have been part of Pakistan being a Muslim majority area. If Juna Gadh and Hyderabad Deccan being independent states were not allowed a choice to join Pakistan or India, then why a diffrent standard for Kashmir. Most authenticated is the UN resolution for plebiscite. The maps printed even by defence forces show Kashmir as part of India whereas Indian Government does not allow any book magazine or newspaper where Kashmir is showed as disputed terrirory. This is the difference between nations who are self respecting and have national pride and those who have no direction like a mob.

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