Age of ‘G3’ is over, time of ‘3G’ has come, Siraj to Altaf

Age of ‘G3’ is over, time of ‘3G’ has come, Siraj to Altaf

sirajKARACHI: Vowing to reclaim the lost glory of the ‘city of lights’ (Karachi), Amir (chief) Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq Sunday advised Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s London-based leader to withdraw his candidate from NA-246 (Karachi III) by-election race if he wanted to save his face.

“Altaf Hussain, April 23, the polling day, will mark the end of your political party’s ‘mobocratic goondaism’ as the age of G3 (an assault rifle) is over and the time of 3G (third generation mobile telecommunications technology) has come,” Haq boomed while addressing an electrified public rally here.

Haq said the people of Karachi were ‘dying’ to heave a sigh of relief, adding If Karachi started thriving, the whole Pakistan would follow the suit.

“Now the residents of the metropolis have to decide between Ajmal Pahari (a target killer allegedly associated with MQM) and Rashid Nasim (the JI candidate fielded for NA 246 by-polls),” said he stressing on the voters to reject the rogues and elect the righteous.

Taking Nabeel Gabol’s belated ‘whistleblowing’ to task, Haq said it was much too ironic that it took the former MQM lawmaker two long years to listen to the voice conscience.

“Gabol kept mum until he was shown the door, but he at least admitted the vote was rigged in NA 246 on May 11, 2013,” the JI chief said alleging a political party had turned the city into ‘extortion

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