Al-Qaeda weakens in Pakistan, claims McRaven

Al-Qaeda weakens in Pakistan, claims McRaven

McRavenWASHINGTON: Commander of the US Army , Admiral William McRaven, has claimed that the leadership of Al-Qaeda has weakened in Pakistan however , they can be active after the US forces pull out of Afghanistan.

According to details, Admiral William McRaven told the Armed Service Committee of the Congress that there is a chance of Al-Qaeda getting re-active in Afghanistan after the US forces withdraw from the region.

“The threat of Al-Qaeda will remain in tribal areas of Pakistan and Northern areas of Afghanistan such as Kunar and Nooristan”, he said.

McRaven further briefed the committee that the central leadership of the terrorist organization has become weak to a huge extent whereas its linked groups are active in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Northern Africa.

He said that if all the US forces are withdrawn from Afghanistan and no special operation is continued there then there would arise difficulties to cope with the danger of terrorism.

He said that Al-Qaeda is likely to get strong in the area.

He said that the US has already made it clear that all the US forces would be withdrawn from Afghanistan if the Kabul government did not sign the bilateral security agreement during the current year.

Likewise, defence ministers of NATO have also agreed to plan ending all the operations in Afghanistan up to end of the current year, he said.

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