All Taliban groups have backed the dialogue process: Samiul Haq

All Taliban groups have backed the dialogue process: Samiul Haq

alllISLAMABAD: Chief of the arbitration committee Maulana Samul Haq has said that all the Taliban groups have backed the dialogue process, adding that if there would have been any opposition it should have come before the masses. Meanwhile government committee member Rustam Shah Mohmand has said that Taliban has denied any role in recent bomb blasts, adding that the opponents of peace talks wants to sabotage the peace process. He said the dialogues with the Taliban would be conducted within the ambit of the constitution, adding that the enforcement of Shariah is not the part of dialogue process.

On the other hand the meeting of the both committees will be held today (Thursday). Meanwhile arbitration team member Professor Ibrahim has said that the first priority of the both committee is ceasefire, adding that the meeting of government committee would be held with Taliban whenever the government committee intends to do so.

A meeting of government and Taliban committees will be held today (Thursday) to discuss ways for moving forward the dialogue process.

Talking to media a member of Taliban committee Professor Muhammad Ibrahim expressed satisfaction over the progress made so far. He said there was no meeting scheduled on Wednesday between the two committees.

He said their top most priority is to bring about a ceasefire as early as possible. Ibrahim said Talban committee has proposed a meeting with Army Chief and Director General ISI. He said this suggestion has been given to the Prime Minister through Talban committee.

He said their committee has offered the government committee to hold meeting with Taliban leadership any time to discuss the relevant issues. He said that the Taliban political shura is fully satisfied with the explanations of government.

Meanwhile Arbitration Committee Chief Maulana Samiul Haq has said that all groups of outlawed Tehrik-e-Taliban are supporting the dialogue process.

In an interview with a private TV channel‚ he said any effort to derail the peace process would not succeed. He expressed the hope that a ceasefire would soon be announced by the two sides. He said that the suggestion of ceasefire has been given from government and Taliban side. Maulana expressed the hope that a ceasefire agreement would soon be taken place between two sides.

Government committee member Rustam Shah Mohmand said Wednesday that some Taliban opponents want to sabotage the peace process.

Speaking to the media after addressing a seminar over the 2014 NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Pakistan’s role, Rustam Shah Mohmand said the Taliban had condemned and disassociated themselves from the recent terror attacks in the country.

Rustam Shah added that this was a difficult journey but the dialogue process should move forward. He added that talks will not be held outside the framework of the constitution, no area will be given to a group nor will anyone’s agenda be followed.

According to Rustam Shah the implementation of Sharia law was not part of the dialogue and the Taliban had agreed to a ceasefire.

Rustam Shah further said that dialogue will only be held with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and no other group.

According to a private TV channel the meeting of both negotiation teams scheduled to be held on Wednesday was postponed till today (Thursday).

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