Arise Matthew Martino BCA! Philanthropist receives British Citizen Award

Arise Matthew Martino BCA! Philanthropist receives British Citizen Award

Matthew C. Martino the 23 year old ‘philanthropy royalty’ has been honoured for his unwavering willingness to give to other, HE was recognised for his charitable work with a Certificate of Merit from the British Citizen Award.  He received the award for his contribution to the community through his various charitable initiatives mostly MMBF Trust and enterprise scheme MM Enterprise Award.

Every day all of our lives are shaped by individuals doing great things – often behind the scenes, or away from the glare of publicity. People are the key to making our society and communities the special places that they are. The British Citizen Award aims to credit individuals from all walks of life who are making a lasting impact locally or nationally.

Arise_Matthew_Martino_BCA-1Martino who changed his life around to become a business role model has donated the vast majority of his earnings and profits to charity. In late 2015 he told a publication ‘Im still on public transport, love those selfies on the train. All jokes aside I prefer travelling light and donating the rest to good causes.’

Arise_Matthew_Martino_BCA-2Given that there is no young lady in Martino’s life the Zimbabwean born star has dedicated the award to his mum, he told ‘I love my mum, she is my rock – she actually stops me on the frontline from making foolish decisions.’ Martino’s mum is rumoured to be the driving force behind most significant decisions the Lets Fly author makes, she has been a strong opponent to his alleged ‘political career’.

Congratulations! We wish you all the best for the future

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