Avail the Amazing Blessed Friday Sale at Getnow.pk and Save Now!

Avail the Amazing Blessed Friday Sale at Getnow.pk and Save Now!

The much-awaited day of the year is right here and you can now shop abundantly. 23rd November is the day when the biggest shopping festival of the year is celebrated throughout the world. Commonly known as the Black Friday sale, it is celebrated in Pakistan as the Blessed Friday sale. Your genie is here who is all set to fulfill your wish of buying your favorite items at surprisingly reduced prices. You can now enjoy the best Blessed Friday sale 2018 at Getnow.pk where prices are reduced up to 90%. Grab this amazing opportunity and buy in bulk now.

What’s the Blessed Friday Sale?

Black Friday is celebrated every year on 23rd November throughout the world. It is the first shopping day right after the Thanksgiving holiday. Originated in the U.S.A., it gradually spread throughout the world. The Muslim countries had some issues regarding the celebration so they renamed it as the Blessed Friday sale. Now, the biggest shopping gala of the year is celebrated on the same date in Pakistan along with other Muslim countries.

What’s Special About the Sale at Getnow.pk?

The question here is why you should shop at Getnow.pk when all the stores, including both online and brick-and-mortar, have announced the sale throughout the world? There are a few answers to this question. First, because quality remains the same as prices are lowered. No matter the case, Getnow.pk works on the principle of delivering only quality items to its customers. Moreover, you get an opportunity of saving a handsome amount of money because prices are as lowered as free. You just have to pay 10-20% of the actual price and save the rest. Isn’t it magical? It sure is!

What is more, the customer care department at Getnow.pk is customer-friendly and easily accessible. You can contact it absolutely anytime you want without worrying about timings. This is one of the perks of shopping online, but Getnow.pk team takes it to the next level. Be it 3 am in the morning or 3 pm in the afternoon, you can contact them any time at all and they will be happy to assist you.

How to Shop for the Blessed Friday Sale at Getnow.pk?

The sale is already live at Getnow.pk and is available at your fingertips only. Shopping at Getnow.pk is free from all complexities and everything is just a click away from you. Visit the store and you will see an orange-colored sale bar at the top of the homepage. There is a “shop now” button there that you have to click in order to access the available offer. All the items are available at amazingly reduced prices, ranging from 80% to 90% decrement than the normal rates.

The products available on sale include HD night vision glasses, hair building fibers, nose shapers, lighters, e-Quran, keypad mobile phones, hair removing and fitness products, massagers, lice combs, tablets, and much more. In short, it pretty much includes everything a buyer frequently buys. So, you may not need the items now, but you will surely need them later on. Therefore, buy now and save for later.

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