Best practices before making an online Shopping

Best practices before making an online Shopping

Nowadays, people are obsessed with their desire for a quick, convenient and informative path to shop for their favorite products. There’s every reason for the users in today’s world to shop online. Quality branded products are being offered with competitive discounts. An extensive range of options to choose for desired products are available online. Shopping online is reliable and secure and your selected product is delivered at your door steps by fast shipment companies. You can even return your products if you don’t find a perfect match according to your needs. Online Shopping in Pakistan has provided a smart and hassle free experience to the consumers.

Online Shopping Practices in Pakistan are increasing in a significant manner as technology becomes a basic necessity for almost all of us nowadays. Technology has mounted the trend of Online shopping in Pakistan as most of the people are connected to the world via smartphones, tablets and laptops using social media platform on regular basis. It keeps them updated about the latest trends and happenings around the globe.

Practices to follow before shopping online

As shoppers are merely interested in conventional shopping from retail stores, online shoppers need to take smart and sensible precautions while shopping online. Here are some practices you need to follow before making an online purchase.

Shop at Secure Websites


Either the website is secure or not? The first thing to consider while shopping online is a secure website. Secure websites use the latest encryption of data to transfer credentials from your device to the online merchant’s server. Encryption scrambles your personal data like CNIC or credit card number in order to prevent hackers from online theft while your online order is in transit. If you find https:// at the top left corner of your screen at the website address, it assures that the website is secure for online purchases.

Your password must be confidentia


Opt for a unique password with at least eight characters, including both numbers and alphabets. Online shopping stores in Pakistan like Getnow, Ishopping, Daraz and Zambeel, which is a leading Online Shopping Marketplace and Store in Pakistan where you can buy and Sale everything, requires the user to log in before placing an order. Simply select ‘Not Remember my Password’ for your devices if a website has your payment details or other personal information. Never reveal your password to anyone else for privacy and security concerns.

Disclose only the Basic Information while shopping online in Pakistan


While you place an order for your desired product, you need to provide the basic information such as your name and address to the online store. The online portal is keen in in obtaining more information. They can put questions about your annual income, your interests, preferences etc. This information is being used by online shopping websites as a marketing strategy.

To avoid an excessive marketing Ads, don’t answer irrelevant question while purchasing your desired product. Providing your National Identity card number is optional while shopping online. Don’t put your CNIC number on the website as it leads to identity theft. 

Secure Payment Mode: Debit cards, Credit Cards or C.O.D


The secure payment mode to shop on the internet is your credit card. Use only one of your credit cards while making an online purchase as it is easier to have a check and locate if the fraudulent activity happens on your credit card with the help of push messages received at your cell number while a transaction happens and regular notification alerts via email pops up from card service provider. On the contrary, debit card can expose your bank account details to scammers and your bank statement can be swept away in couple of minutes by fraudulent transactions.

On top of that, the ultimate safest and reliable way to shop online is through the method of cash on delivery. Many of the online stores like Zambeel provides you with the free shipment of your ordered product delivered at your doorsteps introducing a payment option of Cash on Delivery.

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