Change the constitution for progress: Musharraf

Change the constitution for progress: Musharraf

musharraf-says-change-the-constitution-for-country-1424545093-9523KARACHI: Former military ruler, Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf says Pakistan’s future does not lie in ‘status quo’ but ‘change’, which would only be brought about by its people.

“Even if the constitution of a country is standing in its way to change for the better then it should be amended before long,” the retired chief of the army staff said addressing an event here at a local hotel.

Musharraf said that there were no two ways about the fact that this obsolete system direly needed to be overhauled before it was too late.

“Change is the top demand of the oppressed people of Pakistan. It’s time we gave it a serious thought for the country’s plight is more than just alarming,” said Musharraf adding, “ I founded my political party, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), only to pull the country out from the jaws of looters, who doesn’t want this change to come.”

The former strongman came down hard on the militancy in the name of Islam.

“Terrorists are slaughtering innocent people only because they do not fit the profile of a Muslim as dictated by their distorted version of religion,” the APML leader said

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