Dacoit duo killed in Karachi lynching

Dacoit duo killed in Karachi lynching

krachi bKARACHI: Mistrustful of police and fed up with rampant violent crimes, an outraged mob of frustrated locals, taking law into their own hands, executed at least two alleged robbers in an early Monday morning lynching, police said.

“A couple of dacoits broke into a house in a predawn swoop but a commotion that followed after the inmates put up some resistance raised alarm in the neighbourhood located in Korangi No.6 area of metropolis,” sources told us

Cursing their fate for the last time, with all they were worth, the robbers took a shot at making a getaway, but the local residents, some of them armed, pinned them down to the ground with massive blows killing them in no time, sources quoted an eyewitness as saying.

Sources also told us that two of the occupants also sustained injuries resisting the stickup.

There was no word on whether the police were around the crime scene or they not tried to intervene.

The dead bodies have been moved to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) for autopsy and other mandatory medico-legalities.

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