Deputy Governor SBP Wathra appointed by federal govt on recommendation of governor SBP

Deputy Governor SBP Wathra appointed by federal govt on recommendation of governor SBP

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): The State bank of Pakistan has said that Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Ashraf Wathra was appointed by the federal government on the recommendation of the Governor State Bank of Pakistan and the authority of making appointments in the commercial banks lie with the administration of those banks.

The Managing Director of the Banking services corporation of State Bank of Pakistan, Aftab Mustafa has retired from service after superannuation on March 22, 2013.

The ‘SANA’ emailed to SBP that “ some queries regarding state bank are being sent as we are working on a story and tried our best to contact governor SBP but he did not reply. We will wait for reply of following question in working hours today otherwise we will run story without SBP version. We have fulfilled our responsibility by approaching governor SBP and sending you written questions through email Questions:-

1-Following the writ petition of Dr Mubashir Hasan what steps are being taken by the Governor State Bank in role of Ashraf Wathra Deputy Governor State Bank and how you justify his appointment and role which is questionable in media and courts.

2- What is role of President Asif Zardari buddy Anwar Majeed through Ashraf Wathra in posting transfer and appointments in Banks?

3- Chief of Procurement Aftab Mustafa Khan Retired from service after completing his service at age of 60 year but there are reports that Governor State Bank ordered his reappointment in sheer violation of Supreme Courts orders.

In reply to the questions asked through email, Director/Chief spokesman of state Bank of Pakistan Syed Waseemuddin informed the ‘SANA’ that:

“I did call you yesterday on the instructions of SBP Governor as he was very busy in official meetings. Our responses to your queries are as under:

Answer to question No.1: The SBP Deputy Governor, Mr. Ashraf Mahmood Wathra has been appointed by the Federal Government on the recommendation of Governor State Bank of Pakistan and the recommendation was made purely on merit.

Answer to question No.2: The postings, transfers and appointments in commercial banks are made by the respective managements and board of directors of commercial banks and SBP does not play any role in it except specifying fit and proper criteria for CEO and key executives of banks. The postings and transfers in public sector institutions like NBP and DFIs are made by the Federal Government.

Answer to question No.3: Mr. Aftab Mustafa, Managing Director, SBP Banking Services Corporation retired from the bank’s service on 22nd March, 2013 after attaining the superannuation age of 60 years.”

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