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Dr Malik takes oath as CM Balochistan; asks annoyed Baloch leaders to sit on negotiation table; announces to end secret fund

Dr Malik takes oath as CM Balochistan; asks annoyed Baloch leaders to sit on negotiation table; announces to end secret fund

QUETTA, (SANA): National Party Chief Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has taken oath as the Chief Minister Balochsitan. Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi administered the oath of newly elected chief minister at the governor house. The ceremony was attended by political leaders, parliamentarians and high officials of the Balochistan government. Earlier Dr Abdul Malik Baloch was elected Chief Minister Balochistan unanimously in the provincial assembly session. All 55 members present in the assembly voted in favour of Dr Malik. The assembly session was held under the Chairmanship of Speaker Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali. All the members of assembly congratulated Dr Malik over his election as CM Balochistan.

Meanwhile addressing the provincial assembly session Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has asked the annoyed baloch leaders to sit on the table for talks, adding that all the issues would be resolved though negotiations. Dr Abdul Malik Baloch said his government would have zero tolerance for the corruption, adding that the system of accountability would be established. Dr Malik also announced to end the secret fund of the chief minister. Chief Minister Balochistan also announced to impart education to students in local languages.

Dr Abdul Malik said that their ancestors rendered great sacrifices for the independence of Baloch people. He said that the election was one test and second test is chief minister post, adding that the missing persons, kidnapping for ransom and migration of the people from the province are the biggest problems.

Dr Malik thanked the Baloch people for electing the members of the assembly through their votes, adding that he would try to deliver for the masses of the province.

He said that if Mian Nawaz Sharif would help the Balochistan government then these problems would be resolved. He said that the people of 29 districts are living below the poverty line in the province.

He said the Baloch people needs peace. Dr Abdul Malik said he appeals to all annoyed Baloch people to come on the table, adding that when they would sit on the table then some solution of the problems would be achieved.

He said that until and unless 65 people sitting in the Assembly would not change themselves the change would not occur, adding that no illegal thing would be allowed now in the province.

He said that there is need to change the culture, adding that the government employees, doctors and teachers should follow the time table. He said that if the time table would not be followed then these people would be thrown out, beside the fact that he is his friend.

Dr malik said that his government would take along all parties, weather he is in government or in opposition, adding that they would not done anything which would result in making fun of them in Islamabad.

He said we have to become serious in every matter, adding that the confidence of masses is decreasing on the parliament. He said that the political influence would be ended from all the institutions. Dr malik said that the corruption would not be tolerated, adding enough is enough no more corruption.

He said that the secret fund is closed, adding this fund is being ended forever so that the problem could be ended forever, adding that they would have to leave the protocol culture. He said that the government officials should keep in mind that the time has changed. He said that political involvement in the institutions should have to be ended, adding that the government will hold negotiations with all the people for the solution of the problems of the province. He said that the accountability system would be set up in the province.

The new CM vowed to launch a crackdown on mining and land mafia operating in the province.  Dr Baloch added that it was his government’s responsibility to protect the minorities as well as Hazara settlers.

Meanwhile in an interview with a private TV channel he said that his election as chief minister is the result of the long standing struggle, adding that there are a lot of problems for them in Balochistan. He said that the biggest problem which they are facing is law and order, adding that the missing persons, mutilated bodies, kidnapping for ransom and sectarian extremism are also big problems.

Dr Malik said his government would gradually resolve these issues, adding that the bad governance of past 10 years have destroyed the institutions of Balochistan.

He said that the Baloch people had become fun in front of Pakistanis due to corruption, adding that people say that 260 million rupees are being given to on MPA, the budget of Balochistan is 180 billion but the roads of Quetta are dilapidated.

He said that we will restructure the institutions of the province, adding that we will end corruption, adding that all these things would only be dome when Mian Nawaz Sharif will cooperate with them.

Dr Malik said that there is first realization in the federal government, adding they are thankful to Nawaz Sharif for giving them chief minister post, adding Nawaz had given chief minister post to Mehmood Achakzai and Achakzai handed over to us, adding we had given it to Nawaz Sharif but Nawaz returned it to us again, adding this is basically a realization. He said that the change is occurring in Pakistan.

He said that if anyone nominates like we people then it is also change, adding that we will give targets to our ministers for three months and then review their performance, adding if his government will fail then it would be failure of the whole Pakistani democracy.

Dr Malik said he would focus on the poor people who are deprived from everything, adding that we will provide employment, health facilities and education to poor people, adding that all resources would be spent on poor people. Dr Malik said he is very serious about the corruption.

He said indigenous separatists are present in Balochistan, adding sometimes they are increased and sometimes they are decreased, adding that Parvez Musharraf imposed this war on Baloch people. He said that if any problem exists then the other people try to further fan it. He said that we are in conflict zone, adding NATO is present in Afghanistan, adding he will try to pursue annoyed Baloch people. He said this problem would be priority number one of his government. He said that this is very complicated issue, adding he himself would visit the annoyed Baloch and would try to pursue them.

Dr Malik said they would try to attach Baloch people with Pakistan, adding that if they would fail to perform then there would be civil war in Baloch areas. He said that there would be unaccountable blood shed, which could not be imagined.

Dr Malik said that he is the leader of well established party, adding that there 500 people in central party, adding that if his party would take any decision then he would follow this decision.

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