ECP has power to hold transparent elections & there should be no delay in holding elections: SC

ECP has power to hold transparent elections & there should be no delay in holding elections: SC

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered that the Election Commission of Pakistan will be authorized to hold free and fair elections and it has the support of 180 million people.

A three Member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, while hearing electoral reforms case here on Wednesday and considering the issue of giving the right to the Pakistani living abroad to cast vote, said in the interim order that government should not have any objections to stopping corruption and corrupt practices.

The court said in the orders that federal government had reservations over the monitoring of election campaigns and monitoring was result of court’s decision.

The apex court asked the federal government to inform it of reservations and why it had not approved the request of the ECP. Chief Justice said that there should be no delay even for a single day in holding of elections, adding that transparent elections are necessary to run the system of the country.

The court said in the order that the federal government had not answered what steps had been taken for holding transparent elections and it was pivotal that representatives were elected in a transparent manner.

Chief Justice remarked that the interim setup will be in place in the next 2-3 days and it was positive that the constitution would be implemented automatically.

While directing the operational director legal Election Commission, Chief Justice said that the decision over the electoral reforms has become law and it should be made clear if there is any hurdle in the implementation of the law.

The Deputy Attorney General Dil Muhammad Ali Zai said that electoral reforms are required to be approved by the parliament.

The court said that the election commission has been bound to stop election of corrupt persons during the polls. The government should clarify why it has reservations over the monitoring of the election campaign.

Chief justice said that there should be no delay in the constitutional and legal arrangements for the elections.

He said that the elections are at hand the court could not adjourn it for the indefinite period. Chief justice said that with the blessings of Almighty Allah there is democracy in country. The court gave one day time to submit comprehensive reply in the case.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed said that the holding of elections is not the responsibility of the government, but it is the responsibility of the election commission.

During the hearing, the law ministry did not submit the report regarding the implementation of the proposals of the election commission and the court expressed severe annoyance over the matter.

The Court asked the Deputy Attorney General that he is using tactics while the elections are impending.

The court said that the law ministry should immediately implement the proposals of the election commission which are implementable under the article 218 of the constitution.

Justice Azmat Saeed enquired whether it is possible to give the right to the Pakistanis living abroad to cast their vote through electronic voting, adding that it looks that the election commission does not want to do any thing. He further said that even a child can do this job, but the whole election commission is not doing this job.

Chief Justice said that Pakistanis living abroad are the asset of the country.

Deputy Attorney General said that at present, the Pakistanis living abroad can not be given the right to cast vote, adding that elections are impending and this huge task can not be done in short period of time.

Chief Justice said that all fled when the time came, adding that Pakistanis living abroad send foreign exchange to the country and huge discussions are made in the TV shows regarding this. The court adjourned hearing of the case till Thursday (today).

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