Efforts on to find ‘better person’ as NAB chairman: Shah

Efforts on to find ‘better person’ as NAB chairman: Shah

demandLAHORE: Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah has said that “a better person” could be appointed as the chairman of the National Accountability and efforts are underway in this regard, adding that it was the responsibility of the prime minister to appoint chairman NAB.

He said whenever prime minister will ask him for meeting he will oblige, saying that the chairman NAB would be appointed from the available ‘stuff’, as a clean person cannot be brought from the heaven.

Speaking to media at the Lahore Airport, the PPP stalwart said that the issue of NAB chief appointment should not be politicized, adding that so far he has held five meetings with prime minister on the matter.

Khursheed Shah said that the country’s political forces wanted to appoint the most competent individuals to the vacant offices of Chief Election Commissioner and Chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) which was why the process was taking some time.

He said his Thursday’s his meeting with prime minister had been cancelled, as he was going to Faisalabad and then to Karachi.

Without naming MQM, he said that those who had been talking of operation in Karachi were now criticizing it.

He also criticized incumbent rulers for not fulfilling their promises, which they made during election campaign.

Khurshid Shah said a criminal has no caste, saying that people should think as Pakistanis to overcome the problems facing the country. According to Shah there was no Mohajir and all living in Sindh are Sindhis and Pakistanis. He said India was making progress because no one there wanted to be named as a citizen of UP or CP, but Indian.

Responding to a question regarding targeted operations in Karachi, Shah said no specific political party was being targeted. He said when pressure comes on PML-N from one particular party it says the identity of the criminals should not be disclosed.

He said in past these parties were against each other and now are enjoying cordial relations.

Meanwhile, the opposition leader said scores of people would be affected due to the increase in electricity tariff, adding that the government should not have made such a decision. He said that the present government was not fulfilling the promises made with the masses during the election campaign.

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