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Erdogan appears most strong presidential candidate after having been most popular PM of Turkey

Erdogan appears most strong presidential candidate after having been most popular PM of Turkey

erdwanTayyip Erdogan has appeared as the most strong presidential candidate after having been the most popular Prime Minister of Turkey. The Turk opposition parties so far could not develop consensus on the nomination of their presidential candidate.

Tayyip Erdogan will be the strongest president Turkey after wining the presidential elections with thumbing majority, the elections which are going to be held on August 10 in Turkey.

The analysts in Turkey said that Tayyip Erdogan has become more popular after announcing to contest the presidential elections and the popularity of Erdogan has increased despite antigovernment protests in Turkey.

The people of Turkey expressed full confidence on the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) when the party came in powers in 2002.

The lowest class and the poor section of the country expressed their confidence on the AK party, the people who were considered to be the second class citizen mostly the women who were driven out of the government offices because they wore scarf on their heads , expressed their confidence on the AK party.

The per capita income of Turkey was approximately 300 thousand US dollars. According to World Bank report of June 2014, the per capita income of Turkey has reached up to 15578 US dollars.

Turk Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was also arrested in 1999 on the allegations of Islamic activities.

The analysts say that over the past year, Erdogan has had to contend with a series of antigovernment protests, a major corruption scandal, fallout from the deadliest industrial disaster in Turkish history and, most recently, a hostage crisis in Iraq and he appears to have weathered it all. Most opinion polls now give him over 50% of the vote, enough to defeat his main challenger, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, a former head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, in the first round.

Ihsanoglu has practically “no chance” of stopping Erdogan’s march toward the presidency, analysts say, as the candidate of an opposition that is “incapable of managing political processes, perceptions and political communication.” The two main opposition parties waited until mid-June to unveil the septuagenarian Ihsanoglu as their joint candidate, ensuring that he would remain an unfamiliar, untested product by the time Turks went to the polls. Days later, several members of the secularist opposition made it clear Ihsanoglu was far from their preferred nominee.

Now, Tayyip Erdogan has started talks with the Kurds for peace and stability and he may get far more votes rather than 50 percent from the Kurds.The government of Tayyip Erdogan has tabled a bill in the parliament for talks with the Kurds.

It is worth mentioning here that Justice and Development party (AK Party) was founded in 2001 and won two-third seats in the 2002 elections by securing more than 34 percent votes and it was the first occasion in the history of Turkey that a single largest party came in the parliament whereas there was ban on Tayyip Erdogan for contesting elections and his party abolished the ban after coming into powers and then Tayyip Erdogan got 86 percent votes in the elections and later on he became Prime Minister.

The party of Tayyip Erdogan got 46 percent votes in the polls of 2007 and similarly his party got 49 percent votes in the elections of 2011.

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