Federal govt imposes ban on extension of contract employees

Federal govt imposes ban on extension of contract employees

empISLAMABAD: Federal government has imposed ban on the extension of contract employees of ministries, divisions, autonomous institutions and corporations.

The steps on the implementation of the decision, made at higher level, have been started. The orders were issued by the Prime Minister House, Cabinet Division and Established Division.

In the result of the decision, hundreds and thousands of employees recruited during the tenure of the former governments including the era of PPP would be removed.

Recently letters bearing No.53/2013/SP and NO.10 (557) Estab-1(2013) were written to ministries, divisions, autonomous institutions and corporations and it was said in the letters that ban has been imposed on recruitments of all the categories according to regulation wing notification No.O.M.NO.4/1/93/ R-1 from the Prime Minister office.

According to Prime Minister Office order, complete ban has been imposed on appointments of the employees on deputation and extension in the appointments, recruitments of the officials of the armed forces and frontier corps, appointments through transfer, contract appointments and extension of appointments of the contract employees.

It has been further ordered that if any ministry wants exemption in this regard it would have to send summary under the rules and regulations and there would be no secret exemption.

After the issuance of these orders from the Prime Minister, over 100000 would be removed from their appointments due to ban on the extension of their contracts. Most of the contract employees were recruited during the tenure of the PPP.

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  1. khuda barbad kare ga nawaz shareef ko aur es k khandan ko ye zalim ghareeb logon se unka luqma chheen rha hai contract par ban lga kar.

  2. This is not fare decision to impose the all employees of NADRA Department because all are not appointed in the Previous Govt period PPP and lot off employees passed their Merit test and they are continuing their jobs as a contractual employee tell yet it is requested to respectful PM that please just interrogate and make a good decision against those employees who are not appointed on merit please please think about it mr PM how will you face in front of Allah Subhan wa Tala if you take wrong decision in this word weather you are in power but remember that it is not a good decision.

    Thank you

  3. This is not a good step from the prime minister he instead may ask the nonsense establisment who is asking for such actions of not extending the project employees to retire. most of the contract employees are from the middle and lower familities. if it is necessary to not extend the contracts the heads of those departements may not be extended as they already have enough money and can find better job. the lower staff may be get perminent by fixing qualification. and what about the obligation made with the foriegn countries spcially made with the internation community when country is going to enter in GSP + era. The Section officers sitting in ministries does not have any capacity to perfor all the taskes necessary for fulfil GSP+ requirement


    F. Zhadi

  4. Mere baba jan ki death ho gai thy during service to un ki jaga mje 2 year contract pe rakha tha 2012 me.mujh se pehle wale tamam log contract complete hone k bad permenent ho gaye or badqismti se mera contract is govt me complete hva he or ab mje permenent ni krte.4 maah se salary band he. Bht preshani he.

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