First Imran should quit KPK govt and then level allegations of rigging in Punjab: Fazal

First Imran should quit KPK govt and then level allegations of rigging in Punjab: Fazal

molanaPESHAWAR: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Amir Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that that the West has sent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to destroy Pakhtun culture, adding that the protest against drone attacks is just customary and show off. He said if Imran Khan has any courage and bravery then he should first quit the KPK government and then level allegations of rigging in Punjab and other parts of the country. He said that the West has started war against Islam and it is using all means to distort teachings of Islam through destroying Islamic culture and values. He said today west is spending all its energies to disassociate Muslims from their traditions. He said new LB system of KPK is new edition of Musharraf’s LB system.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman was addressing a big rally in Peshawar against lawlessness, unemployment and price spiral in KPK. He said that the West has attacked our civilization and has made Muslims unfamiliar with their religious values and national traditions.

JUI-F chief also said that Islam is an ideology and revolutionary concept but western world cannot tolerate Islam as a governing system. He further said that it’s a political stunt to chant those slogans that are popular among the masses for the purpose of attaining popularity and ultimately imposing own agenda.

Government’s writ has ended in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; government should cease the war and those who live in mountains and have taken up arms should put down the arms, he added. Fazlur Rehman further claimed that some influential forces tried to negotiate with him on certain affairs but he didn’t accept, finally making them admit his stance and concerns are correct.

Fazlur Rehman also claimed that there’s no such thing as elected government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the person who shouts election rigging in Punjab should look at his own province.
Maulana Fazl said that he is ready to offer the services of his tribal jirga to maintain peace across the country if government exercises all its option in this regard.

He said that writ of the state should be established at every cost either by operation or by talks.

A jirga formed by the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam is willing to play its role to restore peace from FATA to other parts of Pakistan, he offered.

“There is nothing like government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Jeans wearing women are running the provincial government,” he said.

“Yes, we are poor and backwards. But our ideology is not backward,” he said.

The JUI-F chief added that western culture was being imposed in the province.

He said we have to provide guidance to common man and we have to present the right picture in front of common man, adding that once there was a time when war of ideologies was being fought, adding that the situation is used to change rapidly. He said Islam is ideology and it is revolutionary idea and is the system of humanity.

Maulana said that the western world is not ready to accept Islam as government system, adding that atmosphere is needed for every mission and program, adding that nation’s civilizations, traditions and ideologies provide an atmosphere to this ideology. He said that in this atmosphere the ideologies are promoted, adding that today the West has attacked the tradition of Muslims, adding that the Jang being fought in world is of civilizations. He said today west is spending all its energies to disassociate Muslims from their traditions.

He said the popular slogans are being raised in country, adding that this is like a poison in sugar, adding that today there is war of civilizations in world and west wants to destroy Islamic civilization, adding that west wants to destroy the national traditions of Pakistan.

Maulana said that the rules of KPK are the representatives of western civilization, adding that the west has imposed these people on pashtoons so that the traditions and religion could be excluded from the lives of the KPK people, adding that the wholly slogans are raised, adding that just customary and show off protest is lodged against the drone strikes.

He said some times these people say that they want to stop NATO supply, adding that this is very good technique. He said after raising popular slogans strengthen is gained and later this strength is used for the fulfillment of Western agenda. Maulana Fazal said they knew all these things, adding that the JUI-F not only in Pakistan but in people of whole region ha put hatred in their hearts against the US.

He said no one could do politics in Pakistan on the slogan of America zindabad, adding that anyone who wants to do politics he should have to adopt the slogan of US murdabad. He said under the cover of popular slogans the west and US want to impose their agenda in Pakistan and want to promote immoral activities. He said for this purpose the culture of the country is being destroyed, adding that he was asked by the well informed people during the negotiations to make agreement on the situation but he replied to them that it was the matter of his Faith. Maulana said he told these people that his belief in Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam does not allow him to struck agreement with the wrong forces on the basis of reality.

Fazal said when he refused to follow these people then they told him secret thing that whatever you are saying about these people is right.

He said the government of NGOs is working in KPK, adding that these people are raising slogans of rigging in Punjab, adding we had said on the day of election that the PTI government is based on rigging, adding that these people are birth of rigging. Maulana said that if there is any bravery and courage in you then you should quit your government and then object on the results of the others. He said that the JUI-F had said that the elections were rigged. He said why these people have been imposed on KPK, adding that this is a question.

He said Musharraf had introduced new system of local government of Nazims, adding that JUI-F had been exposed the hidden agenda of the west and NGOs behind this system. He said Musharraf have gone, adding that no government all provinces become ready to continue the system of Musharraf, adding that now the KPK has been chosen to implement the local government system of Musharraf, adding that the new LB system of KPK is new edition of Musharraf’s LB system. He said this is the progressive and developed form the Musharraf’s LB system, adding that the institutions being set up in every village in new system and it would be handed over to the NGOs.

He said in fact people would elect these councilors but these would be employees of the NGOs. JUI-F chief also took oath from the participants of the rally to remove the incompetent and to restore peace.

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