Govt responsible for release of prisoners’ citizens in tribal areas

Govt responsible for release of prisoners’ citizens in tribal areas

prvez rasheedISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid has said that the government is responsible for the release of all Pakistani prisoners in the tribal areas including the sons of Salman Taseer and Yousaf Raza Gilani.

Addressing a book launching ceremony, Rashid said the list of women and children prisoners provided by the Taliban would be discussed with relevant institutions. He added that the government committee will gather information regarding the prisoners and then inform the Taliban and media.

According to Rashid, Pakistan’s airspace was safe and secure, and as far as disappearance of Malaysian missing passenger plane was concerned, no unusual activity was witnessed on the air traffic control system.

The information minister reiterated that the missing Malaysian Airlines jet was not in Pakistan. Rashid said the plane could not have landed in the country as only a few airfields could accommodate such a large aircraft.

Information Minister Parvaiz Rashid said center and provinces will have to work hand in hand to make Pakistan a secure and peaceful place, adding that the National Security Policy has been formulated in consultation with the provinces and they will have to play their role for its full implementation. He said terrorism is a national issue and all political parties will collectively have to resolve it.

About the appreciation of rupees, the Information Minister said Pakistan Rupee has gained strength and stability in recent days which will increase buying power of consumers.

Regarding exchange of prisoners, he said the government is looking into this demand and will ask the concerned authorities for the appropriate information. He said it is the government’s responsibility to retrieve all those citizens who are alleged to be in the custody of Taliban including sons of former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and ex-Governor Salman Taseer.

He said Pakistan is a responsible country and will fulfill all its promises committed during Peoples Party’s tenure. He said India granted Pakistan the Most Favorite Nation’s status in 1998, while PPP’s cabinet committed promises in this regard with India, which the current government will fulfill.

Earlier, addressing a ceremony at National Book Foundation, Parvaiz Rashid emphasized the need for promotion of book to achieve the ideals of peace and security in the country.

The minister said it is an era of technology and internet has made access to information very easy. He stressed to drop all those books, which are misguiding our nation. He said we have damaged our society, people and ourselves because of the wrong books we read. He said Holy Qura’an teaches us the message of peace and love, which we need to spread and follow.

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