IG FC would have to implement orders regarding recovery of missing persons of Balochistan: CJP

IG FC would have to implement orders regarding recovery of missing persons of Balochistan: CJP

Supreme-Court-of-PakistanISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan, while hearing the case pertaining to deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan and the contempt of court case against IG Frontier Constabulary (IG FC), has ordered the IG Balochistan police to provide full protection to doctors in the province. The court had ordered the acting IG FC to submit the written reply in court regarding the presenting of FC personnel involved in the disappearance of people before the DIG CID. Meanwhile Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani said that the IG FC would have to implement the orders regarding recovery of missing persons of Balochistan. He said that the FC should present the missing persons after recovering them in court.

The court had ordered IG Police Balochistan Mushtaq Sukhera to submit report that how many doctors were abducted and how many were recovered. The court said the IG police should also inform that how many criminals were arrested.

Three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Tasadduq Hussain Jilani conducted hearing of the case pertaining to deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan and the contempt of court case against IG Frontier Constabulary in Islamabad on Thursday.

The court directed the security plan should be prepared in collaboration with the doctors’ organization and should be presented in the court up to December 26.

Chief Justice, while addressing IG FC, said that he is state and he should speak the truth and assistance of lawyer should not be required, saying that the court ordered for recovery of the missing persons and it should be implemented but unfortunately it was not implemented.

Tasadduq Jilani, addressing IG FC, said “You were posted for providing protection to the citizens but the people consider you accused.”

In the proceedings, acting IG FC Brigadier Khalid Saleem appeared in the court for the first time and presented the report about the statement of 19 officials to the Supreme Court.

He also informed the court that 19 officials were ordered to be presented before CID authorities. One of the non-committed officials has been identified, while some officials have returned to army.

“The impression that IG FC is involved in people’s forced disappearance needs to end.” He also assured the court that IG FC will offer full cooperation in the recovery of missing people and other matters pertinent to it.

Chief Justice said that the ball is in FC’s court and they alone can change the ill impression attached to the institution.

Chief Justice, in his remarks referring to IG FC, expressed, “Uniform is symbolic of protection. It’s ironic that you’re accused for people’s forced disappearance when you’re supposed to protect them.” Chief justice said it was unfortunate that the people level allegation of abduction on FC.

In lieu of the worsening law and order crises and increasing number of missing doctors, their lawyer said 26 doctors were abducted earlier which were released after the ransom was paid and because of this situation new doctors are also leaving the province for their own safety and that of their families..

IG police informed the court that security around the hospitals and clinics has been increased and made stringent. Arrangements are also being made to issue licenses for arms and ammunitions to the doctors for their protection, he informed. The court ordered to present the report on missing doctors’ cases in the next hearing. Chief justice said if people were killed the police personnel were also killed, adding that if the people would not show bravery then how security forces will move forward. He said that the recovered doctors should inform the names of abductors, adding that if the doctors would not cooperate with the police then how matters would move forward.

During the hearing, attorney general, Munir A Malik appeared in the court and said that he is performing duties as attorney general but today (Thursday) he is appearing as amicus curiae of the court, saying that therefore, he cannot appear in the court as attorney general.

IG informed the court that action for recovery of the missing persons was taken with the cooperation of sensitive institutions. The court inquired as to whether he has taken any step for protection of doctors.

The IG aid that joint plan in collaboration with chief secretary would be prepared, saying that police chowki has been established and mobile vans have been parked near the clinic.

Provincial home secretary, Assad Gilani informed the court in the last year 103 doctors were abducted for ransom. He said that 38 cases were disposed off and people were recovered but the abductors were not arrested. He said that 48 cases are yet to be disposed off.

IG informed the court that police arrested a gang and statements of 164 have been recorded. Chief Justice said that law enforcement institutions do not give protection to doctors and therefore, they do not give evidences against the abductors.

Justice Ejaz Afzal said that as to how the issue would be resolved when the abductors would not be arrested, saying that the issue would keep on lingering.

He said that the issue would be eradicated; saying that the court would give its verdict in this regard and the abductors would have to be taken to task.

The court ordered the acting IG FC to present detailed report on the next hearing of the case. Acting IG FC informed the court that reply pertaining to missing persons has been prepared but the counsel did not appear in the court due to foggy weather while coming from Lahore.

The court directed the acting IGFC to appear on the next hearing and adjourned of the case till December 26.

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