IHC moved against Musharraf’s possible exit from country

IHC moved against Musharraf’s possible exit from country

caseISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) has been moved against possible exit of former President Pervaiz Musharraf from the country to receive medical treatment.

The petition has been filed by Shohada Foundation of Pakistan Trust, Lal Masjid through its Executive Member, Ihtesham on Friday.

The petitioner has requested the court to instruct the federal interior ministry to provide the former president with the best medical facilities in the country and bar Musharraf from exiting Pakistan, according to a spokesperson of the Lal Masjid Shuhada Foundation.

The petition further said Musharraf had several important criminal cases pending against him, including one relating to the murder of Rasheed Ghazi and sought to make the federal interior minister, interior secretary, Islamabad’s Inspecter General Police and the head of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) DIG Kahlid Khattak parties to the case.

It has been said in petition that the accused, namely Pervaiz Musharraf had been the Chief Executive of Pakistan exclusively in the administrative and civil capacity during the period when multiple murders were committed and huge damage to the religious buildings containing very important historical research material, hundreds copies of Holy Quran and Ahadith were also subjected to destruction. From the debris of Jamia Hafsa, along with limbs of human bodies, hundreds torn and burnt pieces of Holy Quran had been recovered which was a unique incident of sacrilege of Quran in an Islamic state, petitioner says.
Petition says that the object of the accused was not only to commit multiple murders of the religious scholars, preachers, students and teachers involved in the learning objective of Quran and Sunna, but was also aimed for destruction of mission of teaching and preaching of Islam which prima facie was tantamount to the commission of the offence of blasphemy.

Petition says that the Musharraf is also accused of murder of a range of offenses related to his 1999-2008 regime, including high treason, the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and murder of Akbar Bugti. His legal team had sought permission for him to leave Pakistan in recent weeks to leave the country on compassionate grounds, to see his sick and elderly mother in Dubai, but the Government of Pakistan had offered to fly home the sick mother of Pervez Musharraf, who faces a series of major criminal cases and is barred from leaving the country.

For the sake of fulfilling obligations of humanity, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had offered to send a special plane or ambulance to bring his mother to Pakistan to continue her medical treatment so that she could live with her son and carry on with her medical treatment in Pakistan, petition added.

According to the petition his lawyers are consistently making excuses of his fool proof security to seek exemption of his appearance before the courts notwithstanding the fact that at least 250 Islamabad police officers and 100 army personnel are deputed to provide him security on such occasions.

On 02-01-2014, he pretended heart problem to escape appearance before the Special Court conducting the trial in high treason case, petitioner said adding that his legal team is again seeking permission to leave the country for his treatment and it is rumored that arrangements are being made for his departure.

Petitioner has stated that if he is allowed to leave the country, it would not be feasible to bring him back like Hussain Haqqani who could not be brought back despite orders of the Hon. Supreme court in the Memogate case.

That if he is allowed to leave Pakistan, the whole responsibility of frustrating the case of Lal Masjid would fall on the shoulders of Secretary Interior.

Petitioner has prayed the court to direct government for making arrangements of the best treatment of General (R) Pervaiz Musharraf in Pakistan and the Specialists from abroad, if need be, may be provided to him in the interest of justice and fair-play and that the respondents may be directed further not to allow him to leave Pakistan.
It is worth mentioning here that rumours and speculations were rife following the interesting turn of events on Jan 2 which saw the former military ruler being rushed to a military hospital in Rawalpindi after developing a cardiac complication while en route to a special court in Islamabad for the hearing of the treason case under Article 6 of the Constitution.

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