IIC declares conversion of gender for a real male or female as illicit

IIC declares conversion of gender for a real male or female as illicit

jinsISLAMABAD,: Islamic Ideology Council (IIC) has declared change of gender for a real male or female as illicit. The council also declared human cloning as illicit. It declared illicit the all others forms except the two ways for test tube.

At the end of the proceedings of two-days long meeting of IIC, IIC Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani announced the reconditions a press conference.

ICC demanded of the government to prevent establishment of women’s milk bank. The council demanded of the government to not give permission in this regard. It said that if it was allowed then it would prove “hurmat-e-razaat” too. It declared that husband and wife have right of pause in production with the mutual understanding.

Regarding investigations for “Munsifana Samat Act 2012”, the Council declared illicit to the curiosity and secret recording as adopting continually it as general policy. It declared that secret recording is not credible as Shariah evidence but it is permitted in the particular cases when it is necessary.

The Chairman IIC said that the process of research and investigation don’t fall under the jurisdiction of “Abas”. The council said that human cloning is illicit while maintaining its former suggestion as ideology of cloning could not be flourished more than concepts so it has not been proved that production of muscles is possible or not. He said when there is no significance and need of something and there no availability of facility in this regard then how it can be declared as lawful.

He declared illicit to the putting reproductive material of male with the pressure in the ovary of wife with a spray. It declared illicit to the mixing up of wife reproductive material in the tube and putting this mixture in the ovary and termed all other forms of it as illicit too.

Regarding conversion of gender, IIC declared that if there are both of the symptoms of male and female in a person, then if he has more symptoms of female and has trend to be female, he can operate himself to be converted into a female and if he has more symptoms of male as compared to female and has tendency towards becoming male then one can operate herself to be converted her into a male living while maintaining religious code of conduct.

Regarding bank for female ovary, IIC declared that the pulling out of tissue of a woman and then putting it back in the same woman as legal but it is illegal in the case of putting of tissue in the other woman while remaining in the religious code of conduct and mutual understanding of both the husband and the wife. It said that the making of bank in this regard is not allowed.

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