Imam Hussain martyrdom being remembered today

Imam Hussain martyrdom being remembered today

zulISLAMABAD: The world’s greatest sacrifice i.e. martyrdoms of Hazrat Imam Hussain, his family and companions in Kerbala is being commemorated today. Ashura processions will be taken out today in all the cities of the country to mark the sacred day with religious zeal and devotion.

Yesterday also, mourning processions were taken out in remembrance of Hazrat Ali Akbar—the son of Imam Hussain. The mourners later on attended the nightlong majalis.

In Lahore, the central procession of Yaum-e-Ashur appeared from Nisar Haveli. With mourners reciting the Nohas, the Ashura procession will end at Kerbala Gamay Shah this evening.

Earlier, the procession of ninth of Muharram set out from Islampura Pando Street and ended at Imambargah Khema-e-Sadat after passing through its traditional route.

In Rawalpindi, the procession of ninth Muharram departed from Imambargah Chitian Hatian and traveled to Imambargah Col. Maqbool Hussain.

In Islamabad, the central mourning procession set off from Imambargah Isna Ashari Sector-G6/2 and marched through its traditional route to end at the same place.

Majalis were organized after the processions reached their destinations in which ulema and zakirs shed light on the sacrifices of Kerbala martyrs

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