Imran promises free primary healthcare, uniformed education system for all

Imran promises free primary healthcare, uniformed education system for all

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has unveiled its manifesto for the upcoming general elections laying down comprehensive policies for health, education and other vital social sectors along with revival of the failing economy.

The manifesto was presented at a ceremony held here on Tuesday and while speaking at the ceremony, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that parties, which remained in power since 1988, could not fix the crises created by them.
PTI President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asad Umer, Shafquat Mahmood, Jahangir Tareen, Dr Shireen Mazari, Imran Ismail, Naeem-ul-Haq, Dr Israr Shah, Faisal Javed Khan and others were also present on the occasion.
Imran Khan said that PTI has always honored its commitments. “We conducted intra-party elections in eleven months in the election year. We will award more than 25 percent PTI tickets to our youth.”

“Our politics is entirely different. We are not banking on electables. I am proud of my party due to which we were able to fulfill our commitment regarding intra-party elections,” Imran Khan said.

There has never been democracy in the country, he said, adding that democracy was first needed within parties. In Pakistan, dictators and democrats always kept power to themselves.

“We will devolve power to village level through local body elections within three months after coming into power,” he said.

“Our job will be to make legislations; development work will be carried out through Local Bodies.”

Imran Khan said that PTI would create 200, 000 jobs every years for youth. He said that his would end power outages in three years.

The PTI chief said that the entire country, including Karachi, would be cleansed of weapons. He said that railway ministry would be eliminated while police would be depoliticized. A drive will be launched against parties having militant wings in Karachi, he said.

Pakistan will dissociate itself from the US war on terror and win the minds and hearts of the tribesmen for peace.

The PTI Chairman said that both Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) ruled the country several times but they failed to steer the country out of the crises.

Imran Khan said that all the national institutions during the tenure of PPP and PML-N were ruined. Local bodies system was always brought in by the dictators but both the parties never let the system run, he added.

He said that the PTI is not greedy for power that is why it doesn’t make electoral alliances with any political party.

He said that PTI would adopt a policy against US drone attacks in Pakistan. All the citizens would enjoy equal rights.

Imran Khan said that good relations with the neighbouring and world countries will be encouraged on basis of equality.

He said that stability and accountability would be initiated in governing system. Bilateral relations with China will be further strengthened, he said.

Imran Khan said that PTI will end power load shedding within two to three years, and an emergency will be imposed in energy sector and health sectors and Justice would be priority of the party.

Imran Khan said that the country will be turned into an economic power rather than a security state.

Imran Khan said that the PTI will support end to nuclear weapons if the whole international community would do this.

PTI vows to end status quo and corruption from the country, Pakistan will be turned into an Islamic welfare state, he said.

OGRA and NEPRA will be strengthened and strict laws will be introduced against power and gas theft, he said.

He said that Ministry of Railways will be abolished and PIA will be privatized.

He said that PTI will reduce the number of ministries from 65 to 17. Funding to terrorists will be stopped.

Imran Khan said that Governor Chief Minster’s Houses will be changed into libraries and educational institutions.
He said PTI has focused on policies for the Minorities, Labour (including agricultural), Youth, Women, and Persons with Disabilities to ensure no discrimination. PTI also recognizes the Overseas Pakistanis as a valuable asset for the country and has outlined a policy for improving their access to Pakistan and its development.
“Economic policy will be governed in a way to promote fast-paced industrial growth and ensure job creation.  It will ensure that minimum wage of labor is commensurate with the inflation level in the country. To fast track development within the first 100 days, PTI’s will take full advantage of the natural resource of the country like copper and coal”.
Imran Khan said that for the first time in history any political party has formed a detailed policy on the basic issues being faced by the country, adding that other political parties have no match with our policy.
He said that the PTI has fulfilled all its promises made with the public. “For the first time in country’s history, PTI hold fair intra party elections. “PTI has not been doing politics for the sake of power whereas the other parties were taking every step just to come in power again,” said PTI Chairman.
Imran Khan said that the PTI was not depending upon electables whereas the other major parties are dependent on electables who always blackmail these parties by making forward blocks. He made it clear that PTI have unveiled its manifesto after thorough study. “We have thoroughly studied the topic of corruption after which we announced that after coming into power PTI will wipe out the corruption within 90 days,” he said. Replying to a question, Imran Khan said that PTI’s popularity graph has gone up after the public gathering of March 23rd.
Earlier, PTI leaders said that Pakistan would be turned into an Islamic welfare state. PTI, they said, wants to eliminate the gap between rich and poor. The basic objective of the PTI is to ensure delivery of justice.

“We are going to build a new Pakistan. Our vision is Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal,” Imran Khan’s spokesperson Sheeren Mazari said. “Our manifesto will be different from other.

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