Islamabad nurse injured in PIMS shooting

Islamabad nurse injured in PIMS shooting

nurse-shot-and-injured-within-pims-hospital-1422045804-3056ISLAMABAD: Unknown shooter(s) shot and injured a nurse on the premises of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

According to a PIMS spokesperson, the third-year nursing student, 22, who was hit in the abdomen, was immediately rushed to the emergency room where surgeons removed the bullet successfully.

“She is recovering from the surgery and hr vitals are promising,” the spokesperson told reporters.

The police say it was not a mugging incident as the girl was not robbed of any of her belongings that they knew of.

“It appears to be a vengeance-motivated attack,” a police official on the condition of anonymity said adding,” She may have been shot by a spurned lover or an irate honour-smitten relative or some psychopathic womanizer from within the hospital staff.

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