JI warns govt. against showing any weakness in Musharraf’s trial

JI warns govt. against showing any weakness in Musharraf’s trial

LAHORE, (SANA): Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that if the governmentshowed any weakness in Pervez Musharraf’s trial for treason, the headstrong establishment would make the elected government a failure.

Addressing the participants of JI workshop at Mansoora on Tuesday, he said that if Pervez Musharraf was sentenced under article six, no adventurer could dare to set aside the constitution in the future.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the masses had high hopes from the Nawaz Sharif government but its performance so far had been poor. Drone attacks were continuing, making a mockery of the country’s sovereignty. The government could not provide any relief to the people on load shedding while the federal budget prepared under the IMF dictation had led to price hike, adding to the miseries of the people.

The JI Ameer said that the US was trying to benefit from Pakistan’s strategic position in order to get control over the Central Asian states’ resources, to check China’s increasing role in the region, to build India as regional police man and also to humble Iran. The US, he said, itself was holding dialogue with the Taliban but was refraining Islamabad from adopting that course. However he said, that none of the region’s issues could be settled without Pakistan’s involvement. As such, the government should realize the strategic importance of the country and fully benefit from that.

Continuing, Syed Munawar Hasan said that the secular lobby was busy in a poisonous propaganda against the creation of Pakistan and the Pakistan ideology. Besides, he said, different TV channels were giving advertisements to prove that the US was heavily contributing to Pakistan’s development and progress. He said that the religious and political parties would soon join hands to launch a movement to foil this propaganda.

Referring to the Karachi situation, the JI Ameer said that Karachi was a representative city not only of Pakistan but the whole Islamic world, which had unfortunately, fallen pray to the MQM’s extortion and target killings. The independence and human rights of the people of Karachi had been usurped. He said that no one could dare to touch a common MQM worker, not to speak of killing an MQM MPA. He said that a war had begun between the workers and the leadership of the MQM in which the common citizens were falling victim. The government and the security agencies were aware of the great game going on there. It was the duty of the government to take effective steps for the protection of the life and property of the citizens, he added.

Meanwhile, Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaquat Baloch, has said the federal budget was anti people and would crush the salaried people, pensioners as well as daily wage earners.

Addressing JI workers at Mansoora, he said that the news government would have to solve the energy crisis at the earliest and provide relief to the masses by bringing down the prices of essential items failing which the situation could get out of control.

While condemning the terrorist activities in Gilgit, Quetta and Karachi, the JI leader said these reflected total failure of the intelligence and secret agencies. He said that the mere statements at the floor of the National Assembly could not be suffice, and government would have to change the foreign and internal policies being followed since 9/11 and get out of the US slavery. He further said that elements trying to divide the nation at the behest of the enemy must be crushed.

As regards Musharraf’s trail, Liaqat Baloch said that the military dictator was personally responsible for all his crimes and the army as an institution was not involved. Therefore, the Prime Minister’s decision for Pervez Musharraf’s trial under article six was the correct one, and the whole nation welcomed that.

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