Judge killed in Islamabad incident shot dead by his own bodyguard not targeted by terrorists: Nisar

Judge killed in Islamabad incident shot dead by his own bodyguard not targeted by terrorists: Nisar

nisaarISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has disclosed during his speech in the National Assembly that the judge killed in the Islamabad incident was not targeted by terrorists he was shot dead by his own bodyguard and the guard has confessed in this regard . Chaudhry Nisar further said that the target of the attackers was some other judge who was not present in the district court.

Winding up debate on the National Internal Security Policy in the National Assembly on Thursday, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that their target is to start direct negotiations from next week. He announced that direct peace negotiations would be held on the other side to make the process resulted oriented.

He said a new government negotiating team is being constituted which will also have a representative of the KPK government as the province and FATA are bearing the brunt of violence.

The Minister said the committee would contact the other side to make parameters of the dialogue absolutely clear so as to remove the misconception that talks are taking place compromising the constitution or from a weaker position.

He said Parliamentary leaders and the parliament would be taken into confidence on the process.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali said majority of Taliban groups want peace and pursue the path of dialogue. He said they have complaints of excesses by the former government of general (retd) Pervez Musharraf but they are not anti-Pakistan. He however acknowledged that there were some anti-Pakistan groups working at the behest of some foreign agencies.

The Minister said the Prime Minister would chair a meeting of Chief Ministers in Islamabad next week to ensure coordination with them on implementation mechanism.

He said the armed forces have already given their input in the internal security policy and an important and lengthy brainstorming session was held on Wednesday to sort out further details about implementation.

The Minister said the entire internal security policy would be implemented in just one year subject to provision of necessary funds which he was sure to get.

He said they will not even wait for one year and an interim set up would be in place during the next few days. He said a joint intelligence directorate would be created in few days which will have representatives of military and civilian intelligence agencies as well as provinces.

The Minister said National Counter Terrorism Authority and National Crisis Management Cell are being merged. They would remain under the Ministry of Interior and no employee would be retrenched.

He said the country was passing through a worst type of security situation for the last thirteen years but it is for the first time that an Internal Security Policy has been devised.

The Interior Minister revealed that the late Additional Session Judge of Islamabad was inadvertently killed by his own guard and not by the terrorists in District Courts Islamabad.

He said when the terrorists started shooting within the premises of the district courts; the Additional Judge concerned along with his guard, Reader and Ahmad shut themselves inside the Retiring Room. He said the guard had pistol in his hand and fingers on the trigger. When an explosion was heard outside he inadvertently fired three shots hitting the judge. He said the guard has confessed and the medical report also shows that bullets were that of pistol but not a Kalashnikov.

Interior Minister said the judiciary and the lawyers’ community reacted to the Islamabad incident in a responsible manner and sent a strong message that we are united against terrorism. He said similar message should have gone from the floor of parliament but unfortunately some members resorted to undue criticism.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan acknowledged that there are threats but added that our weaknesses are not as strong as have been highlighted by the opposition. He said patriotism demands that we should identify our weaknesses but not convey them to terrorists. He said there were some short comings in security in the District Courts Islamabad and we have learnt lesson from the incident.

He said terrorism is global phenomenon as in 2012, two hundred and ninety four people were killed and seven hundred and fifty six injured in terror related incidents in non Muslim world and the tally increased to three hundred and ninety seven killed and eight hundred and seventy eight injured in 2013.

He said in the United States fifteen terrorism related incident took place in 2012 in which forty four people were killed and eighteen injured, in 2013 thirty six incidents took place claiming thirty five lives and injuries to forty two others while in just two months of current year thirty one incidents have taken place.

He said the United States has spent trillions of dollars on improving Homeland Security but even safest of their places have not been spared by terrorists.

The Minister acknowledged that there were weaknesses in intelligence but added that the magnitude of the problem requires creation of huge network of intelligence. We will have to ensure round the clock surveillance and improve performance of Police.

He said it will take long time and patience to address the challenge of terrorism either through dialogue or other option and this can only happen if the Government, national institutions and people of Pakistan are on one platform and active.
The Minister said the policy is not final word and the Government would welcome any positive suggestion as it is linked to the very survival of the country.

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