Judiciary up for establishing peace, redressing grievances: CJP

Judiciary up for establishing peace, redressing grievances: CJP

jistisPESHAWAR: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that judiciary, remaining in its constitutional jurisdiction, is effectively playing its role for establishing peace and harmony in society and redressing the grievances of the people.

Chief Justice was addressing at the ceremony of enrollment of new lawyers’ of the apex court on Saturday. Chief Justice welcomed the new lawyers of the Supreme Court, adding that their enrollment as lawyers’ of the apex court was milestone in their career.

Chief Justice, addressing the new lawyers of the apex court, said that their responsibility was increased to provide assistance to the bench during hearing of the cases. “You should plead your cases according to constitution and law” Chief justice said.

Chief Justice said “while performing your professional duties being lawyers you should uphold the rule of law and constitution.”

Iftikhar Chaudhry said that lawyers are functional and educated section of society and the lawyers are playing an important role for correcting the public opinion and it is duty of the lawyers to simplify the provision of justice to the clients to every possible extent.

Chief justice said that lawyers would have to make every effort for discouraging corruption in the field and if there exist such matters they should be conveyed to the chief justice of high court through concerned registrar and copy of the same should also be sent to him (Chief Justice) through registrar supreme court.

Chief Justice said that the constitution has entrusted an important responsibility upon the judiciary. He said that judiciary is an important pillar of the state and it should be strong to perform its responsibility, adding that it is the judiciary which strengthens other pillars of the state for resolving differences among the institutions.

Chief Justice said that strength, higher role and professional competence of judiciary enable it to effectively perform its role in the progress of the country.

Chief Justice said that it is duty of both the bench and the bar to end corruption and other evils from the system of providing justice to the people. He said that lawyers are the functional and diligent members of the Supreme Court bar and higher moral and professional standard set by them would serve as guiding principles for the generations to come.

He said that important responsibility of the lawyers is to provide honest and effective assistance to the court besides performing other responsibilities.

Chief justice said that this fact cannot be denied that the judiciary has got its present standing through its performance and hard work.
Chief Justice said that he belies that the new lawyers of the apex court would utilize their capabilities for freedom of the judiciary and upholding the rule of constitution in the country.

Chief Justice said that there is no short-cut towards progress in the life of any individual or nation, adding that everyone would have to work hard for achieving his goals like our great leader Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah; who worked hard and being a lawyer he became founder of the country.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that as a nation we should stick to the principle of upholding the rule of constitution. He said that the important responsibility of elucidation of the constitution rests upon the judges of the higher judiciary which require full cooperation of the bar.

Chief Justice asked the lawyers to give priority to the interests of their clients, adding that lawyers have to help their clients for getting justice. Chief Justice urged the lawyers to perform their constitutional responsibilities, saying that this would enhance trust of the people upon them.

Earlier, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry arrived on a one-day visit of the provincial capital city on Saturday. Special security arrangements were made in connection with the Chief Justice hectic daylong program in the city

Meanwhile, Chief Justice said that society cannot exists and make progress without the rule of law. He said that constitution of the country guarantees the law and practical system which guarantees the rule of law, equity, protection of human rights and freedom.

He said that the judiciary always tried to maintain balance between the judicial functionality and judicial code. Chief Justice said that the bar fully cooperated with the judiciary in making efforts for rule of law and freedom of the judiciary.

Chief Justice was addressing to the bar associations of the huger judiciary, district bar associations Peshawar and other bar associations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and at the inauguration of the directorate of human rights in the Peshawar High Court.

Chief Justice said that constitution of the country was connectively suspended since 1953 to November 3, 2007 on the name of imposition of martial law or emergency. He said that most of the illegal and the unconstitutional acts were challenged by the lawyers in their personal capacities through bar associations.

Chief Justice said that the judiciary would keep the candle of justice lit in the society and it would end our all hardships and it would establish rule of law in the society.

Chief Justice said that sometimes the influential section of the society, exploiting the basic rights of the poor section of the society, causes imbalance of power in the society. He said that justice guarantees our survival. Chief Justice said that article 199 of the constitution entrusts upon the higher judiciary the authority of ensuring the rights of the people of the country.

Chief Justice said that establishing human rights directorate in the Peshawar High Court would not only be useful for research and analysis but it would also be a useful step towards improvement of the human rights.

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