Justification knows no can of compassion

Justification knows no can of compassion

pakistanIt was the sunrise of 30th December, 2006 the special day of Eid uz Zaha for the Muslim community all over the world. We heard the burning bulletin, the Iraq’s President Sadam Hussain has been assassinated. It was the first repulsive news of my life. Video of his execution was also captured and televised subsequently, by seeing which I got frozen literally. Having seen all that, I dip into the late leader Bhutto’s executions particulars in addition I read about others who were so far got executed ,because of inquiring mind. According to me it was very barbaric step to hang someone as I was one of hanging’s antagonists. I was of my own perception that no one should be hanged for any reason whether he is convicted or not. To strangle someone was itself a crime i wanted to raise my voice in contrast to it without having the idea that it is already not in implementation in since 2008. In these couple of years, 279 convicted were sentenced the death penalty but only a single death rewarded was choked in the last 7 years. It was ostensibly a good act according to the antagonist of death punishment and it was quite humanistic step too. But in realistic means every one was charge less for committing any atrocity of their own will without having the fear of being held responsible for their immoral act. Bombs were exploding on regular basis every where. Girl’s apart little boys also started getting kidnapped for ransom. Street crimes too got added on. It got evolve into a game to kill anyone due to very trifle issues since there was a solid supposition that there is no justice in Pakistan. So culprits were growing by blood and worth and poor simple citizen were facing victimization for nothing. But still I was opposed of capital punishment. Since I was very sympathetic and humanistic by nature and the other torch bearers of humanity like me might have same thoughts too. But Now I am really repenting for being in tenderness with a convicted person. An individual who can be the cause of any blood shed deserve only abhorrence. Now my range of vision has been capsized after having noted and witnessed the bafflement given by the culprit captives. Whatever happened in Peshawar it has given all of us a very panic memory. This catastrophe has enabled me to conclude what is fundamental for society and what is not. Certainly we can not hold all of them responsible for all the decimation in country. Numerous detainees pledged different crimes. Some committed grim menace and some did austere harshness but crime is crime whether it is mini or jumbo. Crimes are the reason of restlessness in any country. And if a criminal is involved in killing some one he /she in return deserve the same award. He/she definitely deserves to be hanged publicly. There must not be any debate or argument on it. Government must not ask any one to put forth his opinion about it. The countries like Australia, China, Iraq and USA consider execution very important for keeping the society out of riots, street fighting and other barbaric acts. Pakistan is no exception. I think it is a best tool for decreasing the crimes rate within the country. Perpetrator must be strangled but only when their evil behavior is vindicated truly. There must be hanging but after a long neutral, fair and rational inquiry. Earlier there was not as much crime in Pakistan as much the crime magnitude has been experienced in past few years. Crimes emergent can be seen easily in previous years. There may be a lot of reasons behind these social menaces but moratorium on death penalty also must have been one of the reasons of increment in crime rate. People did not bother thinking before killing others .As soon as the Peshawar’s massacre happened, Government took off the moratorium on death penalty and so far 22 has been executed .Rest of 8000 are still in the death row. I am quite contented with the ongoing strategy as it is providing a viable platform for taking very visible steps for the betterment of country. It is not in veil from any one what the previous bureaucrat did and what present administration is doing. Blast used to happen in last government s periods too and people used to sacrifice their lives too but no one was bother about doing anything for bringing the harmony in country. Merely one common statement after every blast used to televised by Government.

We condemned the militant’s vicious act.

Nothing more nothing less and in main while another attack used to happen again.

What Mr Nawaz Sharef is carrying out is admittedly appreciable .Sims biometric registration s step has been taken which is exceptional for undermining the networking of terrorism in country. About 100 million Sims are to be verified its stint is until 26 of February. Although the Sims verification s charge should have been assigned to Nadra. A separate network of Sims verification should have been established so that any kind of rigging could have been avoided .Sims are being verified again by shops, nearer retailers and franchise which is not as much trustworthy as much private organizations developed by the Government only for this particular purpose could have been. Anyhow it is still considerably satisfactory step. Many suspicious have been arrested in Lahore due to having unverified Sims .Secondly Pathans are moving back towards their native country. They are compelled to do so because of strict Government actions. Pakhtons who now have been given the name of Pathan they were the reason of all the basic disputed points for the Pakistan’s majority .they were sharing our all the basic rights. Our youth became unemployed, foodstuff scarcity, inflation, over increment in population and mostly they brought terrorism s element with them here. They are departing now so I am quite certain Pakistan is not far away from peace now. Thirdly Teachers are also getting trained for self defense against the militants. It is having two edged impact. Primarily it is fraught with danger.  Mango people are going to hold gun and Pakistan s folk as all of us know are aggressive in their attributes. How teachers are going to react over it after being handy in utilizing the armament while dealing their ordinary routine matters .it would be much early to say anything about it.  But on the other hand if Government is going to stay likewise compacted with the current strict policies regarding justice by not forgiving culprits then surly this act is not going to detriment the society. Alif Ailagn s campaign also has got started. Which is an educational organization? In addition .Convicts are also getting hanged which is the most satisfactory. By these few steps I can judge the fidelity of government. Pakistan is enveloped from every sides by the complications. Pakistan s government might be having much pressure of resolving the uncountable problems comparatively. On the other hand some issues are being neglected to some extent like Thar’s issue, education’s issue petrol’s fluctuations issue etc. But PM is attempting his best to do something positively in favor of region. I really appreciate Mr Nawaz Sharef s efforts. How these efforts are going to prove. How much prosperity we can be optimistic for, we are not sure about anything yet. But as a common axiom when someone is sinking he tries to catch even a small straw. Ditto case is with PM .Pakistan is sinking he is striving to rescue it by hook and crook. I wish him the best.

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