Kaymu.pk’s New Ad Video Explaining the Philosophy behind Its Name

Kaymu.pk’s New Ad Video Explaining the Philosophy behind Its Name

Pakistan’s biggest online marketplace, Kaymu.pk has released its first television commercial that has a catchy jingle. Kaymu is an online store that has been in operation for three years, it provides a platform for buyers and sellers to interact. There are a number of discount deals that Kaymu offers to the buyers which makes online shopping convenient. The company aims at providing the best service to the buyers by providing them with trustworthy retailers.


Kaymu is the first e-commerce site to launch advertisement that has a unique jingle. The time duration of the ad is 45 seconds which features different masses. There are ten different characters seen in the ad, starting from a mother using Kaymu app to shop then a father, brother, maid and other people like a barber, gardener and even a leader. This shows that everything can use Kaymu to shop for their favorite products online. Also the ad shows that you can shop online by using your mobile phone by using the Kaymu app. You can use your tablet or iPad and computers for shopping. The Kaymu app is available free for people all over Pakistan which is compatible with Android and IOS.

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Ab tou sab kay muu pe Kaymu.pk


Talking about the phrase, “Ab tou sab kay mu pey hai Kaymu.pk” and the meaning behind this. Basically the company has made a funny pun from its name Kaymu into “Kay mu” which means that everyone will be talking about Kaymu. The jingle is added for more emphasis and this is definitely going to be stuck on people’s mind. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of masses in Pakistan targeted in the ad, Kaymu wants everyone to know about its online platform. Online shopping should not be confined to just one social class, everyone should know about this unique shopping method and everybody in Pakistan should know how to use it. At the end of the ad, the method to shop online is also explained which will make it easier for people who do not know how to place an order.  The TVC has been seen on major cable channels all over Pakistan and is already gaining a lot of popularity. Kaymu is offering special discounts for buyer’s who will like and share the tagline on popular social media platforms.

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