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KPK govt presents Rs 344 bn budget, govt employees’ salaries pensions increased by 15 pc

KPK govt presents Rs 344 bn budget, govt employees’ salaries pensions increased by 15 pc

PESHAWAR, (SANA): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK Finance Minister Sirajul Haq has presented budgetary proposals for fiscal year 2013-14 with an outlay of Rs. 344 billion.

Sirajul Haq presented the provincial budget in KPK assembly session which begun with Speaker Asad Qaisar in the chair. No additional taxes have been imposed in the new budget. KPK government has announced 15% increase in pension and pay of government employees. KPK government has also fixed minimum salary of labourer at Rs. 10,000. He said that to give employment less then Rs 10,000 would be offense. KPK government has also announced to impose education emergency in the province. Sirajul Haq said the State of Madina would be role model for KPK coalition government.

Sirajul Haq said that good governance and elimination of corruption were the top priorities, adding that no new tax had been introduced. The Finance Minister also announced the formation of a Tax Authority and the establishment of Rescue 1122 service in Swat.

From the total outlay, Rs 118 billion has been earmarked for the development projects up 12 per cent compared to the last year which include 983 schemes, of which 565 are ongoing ones, while 351 new uplift undertakings are on the launch pad.

The provincial budget proposed to impose one percent tax on the Afghan transit trade. For health and education, Rs22.87 billion and Rs66.6 billion has been allocated respectively.

The Finance Minister announced an education emergency in the province and recommended the formation of an Education Advisory Commission. Rs23.78 billion has been set aside for the police.

Sirajul Haq said that Rs.22 billion have been earmarked for health sector; Rs.23 billion for police; Rs.2 billion for agriculture; Rs.1.27 billion for environment sector and Rs.162 billion allocated for social welfare projects in the province.

The budget recommendations include a 15 percent increment in salaries of government employees. A 15 percent increment in pensions of retired government employees has also been recommended, while Rs200 million has been earmarked to help less fortunate children.

It has been recommended that the Bacha Khan Rozgar scheme be discontinued and in its place, loans be provided to the youth.

The ADP comprises a total of 983 project schemes including 609 ongoing and 374 new projects.

The province will receive total revenue of 198 billion and 27 crore rupees approximately from the federal taxes.

The total ADP has been estimated to 118 billion rupees showing an increase of 08 percent.

The province will also receive over 23 billion and 8 million rupees in the war against terrorism which is 8 per cent more than the previous year.

Pledging an end to the “VIP culture” in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the minister announced that Rescue 1122 center and a technical university would be established in the province.

“We will employ our full force to resolve problems of people, and will take steps on war-footing against corruption, poverty and unemployment,” the minister affirmed.

The minister said the budget had been divided to satisfy tasks pertaining to welfare, development and administration.

The PDP, he said, is comprised on 983 projects including 609 ongoing and 374 new, saying more funds were allocated for ongoing projects to ensure its timely completion.

The budget also proposed a subsidy of Rs 2.5 billion on wheat without imposing any additional taxes.

The minister also said that Rs. 35 billion under head of foreign assistance is expected in the next fiscal year.

Sirajul Haq said the State of Madina would be role model for KPK coalition government.

Sirajul Haq said that Peshawar would be made one of the beautiful cities of the world. He said that system of sewerage, drainage and water supply system of Peshawar would be made according to the world standard.

He said that Rs 1 billion are proposed to be allocated for this purpose. He said that the project in progress for controlling the traffic on the roads in Peshawar city including Maulana Mufti Mehmood flyover would be completed during the next financial year.

He said that all the coalition parties included in the government have promised with the people during electioneering that they would get rid the people of the ‘Thana Culture’

Sirajul Haq said that the KPK government has decided that the person who wants to register the FIR would not have to attend the police station, adding that he would register FIR online and would get token number and the rest of the action would be taken by the in-charge of the concerned police station.

He said that the government would start making changes in the police department from the police station.

Announcing the cost-cutting measure programme, Sirajul Haq said that 50 percent reduction in non-salary expenditure of the secretariat and the chief minister house would be implemented.

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