Lyari gangster-cleansing drive in top gear

Lyari gangster-cleansing drive in top gear

gngKARACHI: In what could be said an ongoing ‘gangster-cleansing’ drive, the paramilitary troops rid the crime-infested Lyari of yet two more desperadoes after a late night exchange of fire, Samaa reported Friday.

“Baba Ladla gangmen Shehzad aka Sajid and Sameer were killed in an encounter with our raiders on Ghulam Hussain Lane”, a Rangers spokesperson told Samaa.

The paramilitary force official added that Shehzad and Sameer allegedly had the blood of dozens on their hands.

It must be added that so far at least five most-wanted gangsters have been killed in shootouts since Tuesday.

Earlier on Thursday night, The law enforcers neutralized three more ‘public enemies’ following a couple of fierce armed encounters in Lyari, Samaa reported.

The gangwar suspects, Yunus aka Madi, Lala Orangi, and Naeem Kaloo, were killed in a joint action by Rangers and police.

According to a spokesman for the paramilitary force, following a credible lead, the men of law engaged these gangsters in shootouts at two separate locations.

“We cornered them at Aath Chowk and Sango Lane. Though we met with heavy resistance, but our battle-hardened lieutenants outgunned the outlaws shortly after”, the official said.

Given below is a brief criminal profile of the slain gangsters.

Gangster                       Gang/Group                Counts of Murder

Yunus Madi                    Uzair Baloch                           10

Lala Orangi                    Baba Ladla                              59

Naeem Kaloo                 Baba Ladla                              40

Samaa also learnt that Naeem Kaloo was allegedly involved in the recent murders of some Muttahida Qaumi Movement workers and a police officer Riaz Tanoli.

Earlier on Wednesday night, Rangers allegedly shot dead a notorious gangster after a gun-battle in Lyari.

“Nabeel was wanted for more than 40 counts of violent crimes like manslaughter, assault, aggravated assault, kidnapping, armed robberies, extortion, possession of illegal arms, etc.“, a Rangers spokesman told Samaa.

According to paramilitary troops, the suspect was allegedly affiliated with Baba Ladla Group, a ruthless gang of criminals based in the seedy slums of Lyari.

Gangs of Lyari have a long history of territorial wars.

It is said that if these gangsters are not busy going about their routine crimes then they are most probably fighting each other for greater control over the area.

Despite of dozens of crackdowns, the gang war related violence, which has so far claimed hundreds of lives, continues to thrive in Lyari.-

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