Mamnoon Hussain for better coordination between intelligence agencies; vows to remain impartial

Mamnoon Hussain for better coordination between intelligence agencies; vows to remain impartial

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Newly elected President Syed Mamnoon Hussain has said that he would try to prove himself as President for all parties as his post is considered to be a symbol of federation and would work while remaining in constitutional jurisdiction.

Mamnoon Hussain said he would try to build harmony between the federation and the provinces. He said that there should be better coordination between the intelligence institutions.

In an interview with a private TV channel, Mamnoon Hussain said that drone strikes disturbed situation of FATA and they would try to stop the drone attacks. He said that political activities had been performed in the president house in the previous tenure of government on which several allegations were leveled but now it would not going to happen as President is considered to be a symbol of federation so he would not be President of any single school of thought or any party as well.

He termed it responsibility of the President of the country to establish harmony between the federation and the provinces and sustaining the good relations too. He said that the President comply with the advice of Prime Minister and which carried by President Ayub, Yahya and Pervez Musharraf was contrary to the democratic norms rendering creation of new evils in the country. He said that President should be impartial; however, he should play his role regarding the performance of different departments.

Mamnoon Hussain said that he is desirous to play his role while working with education minister to improve education system in the country. To a question regarding Karachi situation, he said that the city was ignored in the past which gave birth to dangerous situation. He said prevailing Interior Minister has positive approach as he is desirous to solve issues of the city while taking all the law enforcement institutions on the board.

Moreover, the newly elected President expressed his hope that the Interior Minister Chauhdry Nisar Ali Khan would utilize different methods in different provinces regarding establishing peace. The minister is desirous to set up cooperation between the intelligence institutions and the cooperation could be helpful in curbing the crimes, he said. He said that situation would improve throughout the country with the blessing of Almighty Allah as the minister is taking good steps; however, it would take some time.

He said that there should be legislation regarding the safeguard of witnesses so that they do not scare of threats and hesitate from giving witness.

Mamnoon Hussain said the government would try to improve situation prevailing in FATA and termed bad situation of FATA as a result of drone strikes. He said that when he would take the charge of presidency he would seriously ponder into the situation of FATA and would initiate effective steps for the resolution of the problem.

He said that the load shedding of electricity has been decreased due to the steps taken by the government, adding that the demand of electricity is at 20000 megawatt and production is at 17000 megawatt. He said that there is difference of 3000 megawatt in supply and demand. He said that the government has paid 500 billion rupees of circular debt and is taken action against electricity thieves. He said that the production of electricity was at 11 to 12 thousand megawatt two months ago.

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