Meeting of Taliban and govt negotiation committees with Taliban political shura postponed due to bad weather condition

Meeting of Taliban and govt negotiation committees with Taliban political shura postponed due to bad weather condition

ibrahimThe meeting of Taliban and govt negotiation committees with Taliban political shura scheduled for today was postponed due to bad weather condition. Taliban committee member Professor Ibrahim Khan has said the meeting of both committees with Taliban political shura will be held soon. He said so far Taliban and government have not presented any demands for the dialogue process. He said the demands would be presented when the dialogues would be held between government committee and Taliban political shura. Professor Ibrahim informed the Taliban political shura about the postponement of the meeting.

Speaking to media representatives outside the Al-Markaz-i-Islami in Peshawar, Professor Ibrahim said the negotiation on prisoners between the government and the Taliban would be very beneficial for peace talks.

He also said the situation in Pakistan was still perilous and that hidden hands were taking advantage of it.

Ibrahim said the ceasefire between the government and Taliban was a major breakthrough and a proposed meeting of the government’s negotiators with the Taliban Shura would be a second major breakthrough.

Ibrahim said neither government nor the Taliban had presented any list of demands.

He, however, said the Taliban had assured that groups opposing dialogue would be encouraged to join the peace process.

He said venue of the meeting has been finalized and meeting will take place in a couple of days. He said that the venue of the meeting could not be disclosed. He said that the arbitration committee is playing role of facilitator and will continue plying this role. He said that demands of Taliban and government would be discussed during the direct talks.

He said it is our earnest effort that ceasefire should be changed into long-lasting peace. Professor Ibrahim said Taliban have not demanded implementation of Shariah, but they have proposed release of their non-combatant prisoners. He said it will be better for both the sides to release each other’s non-combatant prisoners.

Professor Ibrahim said that Taliban have assured that they will take steps for convincing other groups involved in terrorist activities to maintain truce.

According to sources both teams, the government committee and the Taliban liaison committee were set to leave in a helicopter on Tuesday morning for North Waziristan to start the first round of formal talks with the Taliban Shura, but they had to postpone their plans due to bad weather.

Professor Ibrahim said he is ready to go by road, but it is not advisable for all the members. He further added that as soon as the weather turns favourable for flight, the committees will proceed for talks with the Taliban Shura.

The meeting was likely to be held at an undisclosed location in FR Bannu.

The members of Taliban shura who would participate in the talks include Azam Tariq, Amir Muawia, Ahsanullah Ahsan and Zahinullah.

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