Mehsud group separates from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan

Mehsud group separates from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan

aled Mehsood tribes of South Waziristan Agency have announced to form their own group with the name of Taliban Halqa-e-Mehsood while separating themselves from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Khalid Mehsood has been appointed its chief and Maulana Azam Tariq spokesman.

Mehsud Taliban group spokesman Azam Tariq addressing a press conference said that TTP’s control has fallen into the hands of invisible hands due to a gang of plotters within. He said that the controversy over sect, cult and ideology has given rise to distrusts and misgivings among other sections of Taliban. Azam Tariq said their groups has attacked itself with the Islamic State of Afghanistan, adding that in future their group would follow the direction of Islamic State of Afghanistan.

We tried our best for reforms and unity within the TTP, but the gang of plotters seemed to have succeeded, he said.

Azad Tariq said that few elements have handed over management of the central organization into the hands of unseen forces under an organized plan.

After thorough consideration, the group led by Ameer Khalid Mehsud has decided to break away from the TTP, the spokesperson said.

According to Azam Tariq Mehud, the Mehsud group had tried to reunite and reform the system but conspiring elements in the organisation remained successful.

He said the TTP is involved in kidnapping for ransom, extortion and blasts at public places while Mehsud faction only support action against oppressors.

He said that the present Taliban regime was carrying out bomb attacks on public places with bogus names and also money was being extorted from madrassahs and other institutions which was not acceptable.

He added that other Taliban factions were also becoming distrustful of the main organisation.

Azam further said that the Mehsud group had tried to reform the TTP, adding that despite its efforts, conniving elements in the organisation had emerged successful.

The spokesman said that these elements had handed over management of the central organisation into the hands of shadowy forces. Azam Tariq said after today they would be known with the name of Tehreek-e-Taliban South Waziristan Circle.

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