Movie Review – 300: Rise of an Empire

Movie Review – 300: Rise of an Empire

300-600x330I’ll be honest, Greek mythology and ancient gods don’t even come near my interests. So kudos to the trailers of 300: Rise of an Empire which compelled me to watch this movie. It revolved around the second battle between Greece and Persia. Only this time, it was just Athens, fighting under Themistocles to defend Greece. Sparta, after losing countless men, refused to fight alongside. Themistocles had no choice but to face the giant Persian army with a limited number of men. He planned to attack Persian Navy. Sullivan Stapleton wasn’t bad but lacked charisma. On more than one occasion he looked helpless instead of domineering. On the other hand, Artemisia, who is leading the Persian Navy, is burning for revenge against the Greeks, particularly Athenians. Her history is revealed which explains her hatred towards Greece, her motherland. Eva Green was superb in her role, she was the perfect Artemisia; beautiful and fierce. She outshone Sullivan Stapleton. As the bloody battle between the two kingdoms ensued, the power dynamics changed more than once as both sides used different tactics to overpower the enemy. The animation was pretty good so was the choreography and the action sequences were fun to watch. But due to the abrupt ending and predictability failed to leave an impact. All in all, a good watch as long as you don’t spend money on it.

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