Munawar calls for govt, Taliban should immediately ceasefire to ensure success of talks

Munawar calls for govt, Taliban should immediately ceasefire to ensure success of talks

munwrrLAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that both the government and the Taliban should immediately ceasefire to ensure the success of the talks.

Addressing the large Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that the Taliban should refrain from such behavior as might obstruct the talks’ process. Similarly, the army should stop operation in Tribal areas to pave way for talks success.

Stressing that there was no substitute to dialogue, he added that even talks failed dozens of times, an operation was not the substitute. If talks could be held with Pakistan’s sworn enemy India for six decades or with US and NATO, why not with the Taliban, he asked. Talks should continue as long as these produced positive results, he went on to say.

Syed Munawar Hasan welcomed the Ulema moot convened by Maulana Samiul Haq here on Saturday on the issue and stressed that the leaders of religious parties and the Ulema should unite on one point agenda- to carry the talks to success.

He said that as long as the government and the armed forces were not on one page and the Taliban were given an assurance that the agreement arrived at would also have army’s backing, the talks could not go ahead expeditiously. Therefore, the Prime Minister, the army chief and the ISI chief should meet the Taliban committee for removing their reservations on such issues.

He also counseled the Taliban to stop their activities so that the anti talks lobby did not get any excuse to play up and obstruct the talks’ process.

He said that the secular lobby in the country was much disturbed over the talks and the prospects of a peace between the government and the Taliban as it was still pursuing its agenda. Accordingly, these elements were chiding the government and blaming it of cowardice, and provoking it to crush the Taliban by force. In such a scenario, the Taliban should also move wisely and foil the enemy designs.

Syed Munawar Hasan termed as totally unjustified the verbal storm over the PTI chairman Imran Khan’s remarks in the National Assembly. He said that army operation could be successful against an enemy but there was no possibility of its success against our own citizens.

Meanwhile, JI Secretary General, Liaquat Baloch called upon the government to withdraw the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO), as it had been rejected by the opposition as also by the government allies.

In a statement here on Saturday, he said the government should fully implement the laws already on the statute book.

Liaquat Baloch said that the families of the missing persons from Balochistan were marching to Islamabad but the rulers were totally unconcerned. Such government behavior gave birth to sense of deprivation and vendetta, he added.
Therefore, the government should recover the missing persons without further delay.

The JI leader said that the governments at the centre and in the provinces elected in the May elections were a failure and the people were getting disappointed. It was time that the rulers reviewed their policies and solved the problems of the masses

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