Musharraf asks SC to fire govt over vote fraud

Musharraf asks SC to fire govt over vote fraud

musharraf-says-change-the-constitution-for-country-1424545093-9523KARACHI: Asking the apex court to fold this government up for rigging the polls to its way to power, former military ruler Pervez Musharraf prophesied that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan’s solo flight had no future in Pakistan

“The Supreme Court of Pakistan should send this government home following the doctrine of necessity as the sitting premier Nawaz Sharif is not capable of running the affairs of this country,” Musharraf told Samaa during its flagship talk show ‘Nadeem Malik Live.’

The former chief of the army staff sounded out that Sharif was living under the false impression that Pakistan was thriving under his leadership.

“He is mistaken about his governance to a fault,” Musharraf said.

Musharraf, who is also the leader of All Pakistan Political Party (APML) political party, stressed that the country’s constitution should be amended if it was holding its growth back.

“It is my heartiest desire to see good governance prevailing in Pakistan and it doesn’t matter who bring it about,” the ex militaryman said adding, “A third political force is the need of the hour.”

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