Musharraf vows to return to Pakistan; says come what may

DUBAI, (SANA): Former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has said that he would return to Pakistan on Sunday (Today) “at any cost”,.

Speaking to foreign media representatives at a press conference in Dubai on Saturday, Pervez Musharraf said that it was imperative to save Pakistan as the ‘terrorists’ were aiming to destroy it, adding that he was coming to rescue the country.

Furthermore, the former president said that the international community was aware of the situation in Pakistan which had been a source of humiliation to the nation.

Pervez Musharraf said that he would come back at any cost as he would not be in any danger upon his return to Pakistan and that he was not afraid of extremists.

He also said that after resigning as president, he remained in the country for eight months without heavy security. He added that he would arrange for his security himself as he did not want to depend on the government.

The former president said that the situation in Pakistan had deteriorated greatly since 1999 and that it would take two to three years to improve it.

Pervez Musharraf said that he wished to challenge and subvert the existing status quo in Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf said that he would follow his own plans to return to Pakistan despite risks of arrest and other threats.

He told the media persons that he would return to take part in elections which are being held in May 2013 despite the ‘fear of the unknown,’ including possible death threats.

Pervez Musharraf plans to travel on Sunday (Today) March 24 to Karachi. Journalists and supporters of Pervez Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) are expected to accompany him.

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