Muslims only newsworthy when “Behind a gun… Not in front it.”

Muslims only newsworthy when “Behind a gun… Not in front it.”

Muslims only newsworthyMore than 5,000 people attended their funeral. Deah Barakat, Razan Abu Salha, Yusor Abu Salha’s burial ceremony. Who were they? Most of us may not be having even the intimation about them. 3 nights and 3 days have been passed but still very meager number of masses might be in conversant with .The tiding advertised after passing the seven hour in the crossing of BBC rather than being the main bulletin. They were the residents of chapel hill in north Carolina and the students at nearby universities. Deah was a 23 years s dentist. 21 Yusor was his wife both got married in the last December. Razan the sister of Yusor was of 19 years having great artistic command. All of them were so adolescent and abundant of life. Tuesday s evening they had minute commotion over parking with 46 years Craig Stephen hicks who in comeback bring them down to death in their home. It is peak of sadism, racism and, viciousness .they was murdered but no media took the notice over. Just on the scant altercation of line up entire family brought down to fatality. Is it believable? Yes it is, but merely in case if you are Muslim at that instant you are going to be on account likewise all around and beyond a doubt they were too Muslim. innocent citizen but perhaps being Muslim turn into a mortal sin for them .when you are Muslim then all in all is going to be supposable. On Wednesday morning Chapil hill police passed out a statement uttering It was a evolving neighbor disputes over parking. While Suora s father asserted it was a Religious attack. According to police after carrying out crime felon handed himself .Since I am a persistent onlooker of BBC and CNN, but did not go through any news regarding this till the Wednesday morning .news got broadcast after the insistence on various groups, Where were the BBC’s fidelity where is the media’s outrage. Why west media went on dumb over it. Why the assassin has been labeled just as Gunman rather then terrorist. We demand the answer, where are the pioneers of humanity now. If three christen were putting to death it would have taken the appearance of terrorism and so far alike a fire it would have spread throughout the world. But he was an atheistic as sources are saying but I am of opinion it is not needed to notify that he was atheistic .we must not  indicate the victims were Muslims and killer were atheistic. Beyond the difference of religion People should be treated. By his act we can not plunk down all atheistic in the same category. Thus all the Muslims are also not in association with ISIS, Taliban or any other militant’s group. this is not a single case that has been overlooked by the west media there are many more other incidents like the couple of days ago a man tried to ravage 500 men in a mosque with explosive material but this telling kept covered. What a double standard west is holding. Are they trying to conserving their country s estimation of hiding whatever is proceeding there? Why Muslims are targeted all around in Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan and now in Carolina too.

Through Twitter source I came by about. If you are a Muslim then beware at any time you may get killed by any one and no one never even knows about. They were the rising stars of tomorrow .three innocent people got killed so suddenly just on a parking s disputes and media remains faint over it. Entire family has annihilated just parents left behind for mourning. What about the unfortunate parents who have lost their progeny in so younger age.

Is it that minor scene to be neglected? If the Muslims are being killed it is just a conflict over something if Muslims are killing it is terrorism. As it is very obvious Muslims are the victim rather than having the backing they are being categorized as culprits. Muslims are targeted from all sides. Even by their own religion fellows’ too .this move of west has evidently set out how pure they are with their deep dialogues. Prior to it Charlie hedbo’s drawing enraged the Muslims to go out for the crime of taking down the life of news papers staff. No one accursed Charlie hedbo who was the actual Perpetrator. PM Obama s calmness depicts this massacre is nothing to him. In both fox and CNN double standard statements passed by the media as well as by the PM can be easily a glimpse on. Charlie hedbo s attack strongly exhibiting the assaulter as a terrorist by both media and democrats. while this guilty who exterminated a family is reporting as just a Man. homicide by Muslims means all the Muslims are terrorist and entire religion is guilty .restlessness created by the Black means entire black race are responsible but if a white kills someone he is mentally disturbed. These three Muslims have not been ranked among prey but just as Muslims who got fired. This is the way minorities are being treated in second countries. We are also keeping non Muslims as minorities in our country .we never have been the cause of their wounds. We are not treating them in the similar manner as we are being behaved by west. Still the same bulletin is being shown no update has been added till now. They have buried silently .if it was the murder of any white man the entire west lawmakers would have been gathered there. Planning against terrorism would have been evoked so far. Group think ceremony would have conducted. The Funeral would have shunned until the guilty party was hanged.

But they were Muslims not the sufferer, simply Muslim. And killed by a solely gunman. Humanness have not killed but three Muslims got killed by a white man.

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