Nawaz says terrorism from county to be rooted out at all costs; says pace of dialogue process could be speed up

Nawaz says terrorism from county to be rooted out at all costs; says pace of dialogue process could be speed up

nwazzISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that there should be no terrorism in country. He said that all ways and means are being used to overcome terrorism issue. He said the pace of dialogue process could be speed up, adding that terrorist incidents prior to the dialogues are not right. He said no timeframe could be given for the dialogue process, adding that the efforts for early success should have to be made. He said the government and military are on the same page in the matter of dialogues with the Taliban.

This prime minister said while talking to media persons in aero plane during his way to Pakistan from Turkey after attending the tri-lateral summit.

Nawaz Sharif said that the dialogue process between arbitration and government committees was moving forward in positive manner, adding that the arbitration committee had held meeting with the Taliban in North Waziristan Agency. Nawaz said Taliban had given positive message and were happy that the matters could be negotiated, adding that Taliban had denied any role in the terrorist incidents. Nawaz said the responsibility of recent incidents was claimed by different groups, adding that this matter was taken up with Taliban, adding that the Taliban had given assurance that if the responsible of attacks would be their acquaintances the Taliban would hold the responsible accountable.

Nawaz said when the Taliban claimed the responsibility of Karachi attack then he contacts Irfan Siddqui and told him that this is worrisome situation. Nawaz said he asked Irfan Siddiqui to inquire from the Taliban why these incidents are taking place, adding that this kind of attacks should not occur. He said the Karachi incident caused set back to the dialogue process, adding that adding that the committees have been set and these should be allowed to take decision. Nawaz said if the goal of peace is achieved through dialogue process then it would be great honor. Nawaz said that there are concerns over terrorist incidents, adding that if these incidents would continue then the supporters of the dialogues also would think that the terrorist incidents are occurring and responsibility of these attacks is also claimed.

He said that there should be no interference in Afghanistan from Pakistan and in Pakistan from Afghanistan.

He said peace would be restored in country at all costs. He said Pakistan is facing many challenges. He said that there is no delay in holding census, adding that there are some reservations of Sindh and Balochistan.

Nawaz said he has Pakistani agenda and following this agenda will reach the destination of economic and political independence. Nawaz said they want to resolve the issues through dialogues for restoring peace in region.

He said Turkish government is very sincere regarding Pakistan, adding that dialogues with Pakistan will move forward with Turkey. He said that the dialogues with India are moving forward. Nawaz said that the joint sitting of political and military leadership of three countries on security matters is vital progress. He said whichever step Pakistan would initiate for Afghan peace Turkey will support this step.

Nawaz said his government has ended the loneliness in world, adding now the world is seeing towards Pakistan. Nawaz said Pakistan would be made, peaceful, progressive and responsible country. Nawaz said we would have to see in future and not into past, adding that the problems would be resolved politically. He said that there is complete harmony between the government and military leadership on the matter of dialogues. He said that the Kashmir is core issue, adding that the Kashmir issue should be core issue for India and whole world. He said improvement in the relations of Pakistan and India is very vital.

He said everyway which could establish peace would be used. He said the government has started dialogues with goodwill. He said that there complete harmony between the government and the army, adding that the stance of government and army on the issue of Afghanistan is same. He said no one would be allowed to use Pakistani land against any foreign country, adding that Pakistan supports the peace process in Afghanistan. He said that terrorist actions should be stopped in the peace dialogues.

Nawaz said it was the desire of the government even not a single person should be killed in country.

He said that the extortion has been decreased in Karachi in the result of the targeted operation.

He said that the opinion regarding the success and defeat is used to change time to time. He said that the matter has not fixed on the 40 percent. He said the opinion was also given in the favor of success of operation.

He said Irfan Siddiqui would inform him about the progress in dialogues.

He said that Pakistanis have great potential, adding that the country could make enormous progress during the next five years if peace is restored in the country. He said Turkey wants to work in Pakistan in field of energy and also wants to establish Lahore Karachi motorway. He said the Turkish businessmen have complained that the process of investment in Pakistan is very lengthy and transparency takes two years time, adding that we would have to change this.

Nawaz said if the peace is established in Pakistan then no one could compete in progress. He said the government would continue dialogue process with good intentions, adding that the pace of dialogue would speed up. He sad the killing of one person is the killing of whole humanity.

Nawaz said he has no enmity with Parvez Musharraf, adding that now it is time to move forward while leaving behind all the atrocities which he and his party faced in the hands of Musahrraf.

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