Nawaz says Zardari did nothing for Sindhi people; says masses should for party which could over come problems facing by country

Nawaz says Zardari did nothing for Sindhi people; says masses should for party which could over come problems facing by country

THATTA, KARACHI, (SANA): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President MianMuhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that President Zardari has done nothing for the masses of Sindh during the past five years, adding that PPP should apologize to the nation over its five years performance. He said that the masses should vote for the party in next elections which could control unrest in Karachi and Balochistan and could overcome energy crisis and unemployment in the county.

While addressing a large public gathering in Thattah organized by PML-N NA candidate Marvi Memon, Nawaz Sharif said that if Almighty Allah will give power to the PML-N then we will make Thatta progressive city, adding that there would be change in the lives of the people. He said that the PML-N wants equal progress of 180 million, adding that the people of Thattah are equal to Karachi and Lahore.

Nawaz Sharif I am not here that I would ask masses to vote for Marvi Memon to make her minister or advisor, adding that the women of Thattah are very brave, adding that Marvi should be appreciated for her courage, adding that Marvi is his sister. Nawaz said that all candidates of the PML-N will succeed from Thattah, adding that the unemployment would be ended and prices of commodities would decrease. He said that the poverty will decrease when the government of PML-N will come into power.

Nawaz said that there is excellent past of service of masses of PML-N, adding that PPP has not given anything to people of Thattah during the past five years, adding that Mr Zardari had not inquired the masses of Thatta after coming into power. He said that no one inquired the masses during the 2010 floods, adding that the people were helpless after the flood but no one came to inquire the masses.

He said that the government did not made any schools, colleges and hospitals in Thatta, adding that the PML-N government would make schools, colleges, adding that there should be university in Thattah. Nawaz Sharif said that all the youth beside his cast of Hindu, Muslim or Sikh, adding that if the masses would give chance of government then the PML-N government would open banks in Thattah and throughout the country and soft loans would be given to the youth. He said that the PML-N wants end of unemployment from country, adding that the youth should walk with him there would be no corruption and there would be progress in the county during the PML-N era.

He said that there is no allegation of corruption on Punjab government of Shahbaz Sharif, adding that in Sindh there was corruption and bribery, adding that the poor were left behind and rich people secured the jobs through paying bribery.

He said that President Zardari has done nothing for the progress of the poor people of Sindh.

Nawaz Sharif said that if PML-N would come into power he will not sit in Islamabad but would visit Thattah and would ask the problems of the masses will resolve them. He said that Keti Bandar should be established.

Nawaz said that 18 hours load shedding is being observed in Thatta, adding that previous government had done nothing for the solution of the electricity. He said that the masses should vote for the party which could take country towards progress, end unrest in Karachi, Balochstan and would end the load shedding and unemployment problems in the country. He said that the PML-N is the party which has the team of experts and could overcome the problems facing by the county.

Earlier talking to media at Karachi airport Nawaz Sharif said that PPP did not do anything for the masses during last five years and the party should apologize to the nation. He said that he does not think the PPP will get votes in the elections. He said some people are misleading the nation by making false propaganda against PML-N.

Sharif said that the PML-N will eliminate violence, poverty, load shedding, joblessness and other problems from Karachi. He said whether he gets vote or not from Karachi, he would serve the city. PML-N chief said that the terrorism can only be eliminated from the country through transparent elections. He said that the PML-N will abolish armed wings in Karachi after coming into power, adding that PML-N will establish underground railway train in Karachi, adding that we will continue to love the Karachiites weather the masses will vote or not to PML-N.

He also promised to construct underground railway system in Karachi besides connecting the city with Lahore through Motorway. Nawaz Sharif said that it was the decision of the parliamentary board to award tickets to candidates, adding that if Ayaz Amir says PML-N will win 100 seats it means PML-N will win 170 seats. Nawaz said that he would not respond to any allegation of the Imran Khan, adding that he does not want to use such language which is being used by Imran. Nawaz said he has leant ethics from his childhood and would not use unethical langue.

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