Negotiating committees agreed upon the need for an effective and result-oriented strategy to take dialogue process forward

Negotiating committees agreed upon the need for an effective and result-oriented strategy to take dialogue process forward

efecAKORA KHATTAK: Government and Taliban negotiating committees have agreed upon the need for an effective and result-oriented strategy to take dialogue process forward. Both committees said that the dialogue process has entered in important phase after the ceasefire announcement of both Taliban and government. Coordinator of government committee Irfan Siddiqui said we are going to enter in phase of decision making after establishing contacts, adding that the results of the first phase negotiations are satisfactory. Maulana Samiul Haq has said some third force was involved in latest incidents of terrorism and the objective is to undermine the process of dialogue. He said thousands of efforts would be made to sabotage dialogue process but would have to foil these efforts.

The two committees met at the residence of Maulana Samiul Haq in Akora Khattak on Wednesday and issued a joint statement in the presence of media. The meeting was attended by Irfan Siddiqui, Maulana Samiul Haq, Major (retd) Muhammad Amir, Rustam Shah Mohmand, Rahimullah Yousufzai, Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan and Maulana Syed Yousuf Shah.

The committees reviewed the situation in the backdrop of ceasefire announced by Taliban and the decision of the security agencies to stop retaliatory actions. They noted that the first phase of the dialogue process has culminated into success and entered into the second but decisive and crucial phase.

The Government team presented its view point about the new strategy and said point has also been discussed with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The government team said we have limited time at our disposal and a new line of action is needed to take the process to the logical conclusion.

The Taliban Committee agreed that there was need for a strong strategy to reach the goal of peace. It sought meeting with the Prime Minister to have exchange of views on the new strategy.

Meanwhile Coordinator of the Government team Irfan Siddiqui said the members of the Taliban committee would be facilitated to have a meeting with the Prime Minister.

He said the two committees had discussions on how to make the second phase of dialogue result-oriented. He expressed the confidence that the strategy for the next phase would be evolved through bilateral consultations.

Irfan Siddiqui said the second phase involved decision making and it is to be sorted out as to who will take these decisions.

Replying to questions‚ he said Taliban should condemn openly and clearly all acts of terrorism taking place after announcement of the ceasefire.
Irfan Siddiqi said that the government and the Taliban committee have produced satisfactory results.

Irfan Siddiqi said that the first round of talks has completed, adding that it was meant to build contact.

Irfan said the second phase has begun and it will take final decisions. He also said that the both committees have agreed to work on future course of action. “We will have to deal with the situation with patience,” he stressed.

About future of the peace committees, Siddiqui said that the fact they were here to hold today’s meeting means that committees are functional.

Any decision to make any change in the committee or to dissolve the committee will be taken by the government in next one or two days, he added. He said that the purpose of this is to make the committees more effective, adding that we are going to make big decisions in coming days. He said that the Taliban committee and Taliban have condemned the terrorist incidents.

Maulana Samiul Haq on the occasion said it was made known to Taliban that they will have to condemn all acts of terrorism after ceasefire and that is what they have disassociated from the terror attacks in Islamabad and Khyber Agency. Sami said he has heard the name of Ahraul Hind first time, adding that if someone intends to carry out terrorist attack it could also got publish a pamphlet. He said that the Taliban are inquiring about this organization and have secured the address of the organization from facebook.

He said that some third force was involved in latest incidents of terrorism and the design of this is to undermine the process of dialogue. He said the Government and Taliban should make efforts to expose these elements. He said that the Taliban have announcement the ceasefire without placing any condition, adding that this is big achievement.

Samiul Haq said that the announcement of ceasefire from both sides was a big achievement. The Taliban committee also expressed their desire to meet PM Nawaz.

Samiul Haq said the world powers, US, India, Raw, Afghan government and other agencies of the world don’t want to see peace in Pakistan; therefore, incidents of terrorism were continued across the country. He said we have to identify this third force with carefully, adding that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) will have to deny their involvement in all terrorist activities so that the atmosphere of trust continue throughout the talks.

He also said that the TTP hadn’t demanded to mend constitution or the current system.

Samiul Haq also applauded the role of PM for continuing dialogue process despite international pressure. Taliban committee member maintained that the military operation would never resolve the sensitive matter. He said that the Taliban political shura and leadership is ready to welcome the government negotiation committee.

Samiul Haq also said that the TTP has not asked for changes to the Constitution of Pakistan or the existing system.

Haq also remarked that the intermediary committees had to open the door for the dialogue process and they have successfully done so, further stating that it is now up to the government and the TTP to make decisions.

The JUI-S chief expressed his stance against the operation by the government, saying that a military operation is not the solution and it should not be done regardless of any pressure from various powers.

Haq also said that the intermediary committees should be autonomous in making decisions with regards to the talks. He said that there is need to make negotiation committee more effective and powerful, adding that the people who are enjoying power should back the committees. He said that the powerful people include prime minister, army, agencies and interior ministry, adding that the provincial government could also be consulted for this purpose.

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