Nisar offers Sindh govt to establish judicial commission to determine security responsibility of Karachi airport incident

Nisar offers Sindh govt to establish judicial commission to determine security responsibility of Karachi airport incident

nisar Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has offered the Sindh government to establish a judicial commission to determine the security responsibility of Karachi airport incident, saying that investigations regarding use of Indian arms in the attack are underway. Nisar questioned whether Karachi airport is situated in India that it did not fall in responsibility of Sindh government.

While talking to media at his chamber in Parliament House in Islamabad on Thursday, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the federal government had written to the Sindh government in March about specific old airports gates not being secure.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the Sindh government had been warned of threats to the Karachi old airport gate which was used by terrorists during an attack on Sunday night.

He said that the report mentioned that terrorists were aware of these insecure gates at the Karachi airport, saying that despite the warning no measures were implemented by the provincial government.

The interior minister further said that six security alerts had been sent to the Sindh government. He asked what action had been taken in light of these alerts by those individuals who were apologizing daily for the Karachi airport attack. He said that Karachi airport is situated in the Sindh not in India.

Nisar Ali Khan questioned as to why no security checks had been set up in the sensitive area used by the terrorists to enter the airport. He said that the terrorists armed with rocket launchers kept on roaming in van for more than an hour, saying that as to why no on one checked them.

Chaudhry Nisar said that upon his arrival in Karachi the chief minister and IG Sindh were informed of a meeting; however he failed to understand the logic of the meeting being at any other location whereas the attack had taken place at the airport.

“Is this airport in India that it is not the responsibility of the Sindh government,” Nisar said while questioning if the terrorists had entered the airport via parachutes or helicopters.

Nisar Ali Khan said that he was informed that the airport had been cleared and he had asked for the wall of the cold storage to be broken.

According to Nisar rescue and relief was the responsibility of the chief minister but he was the one who called for machinery to aid in rescue efforts.

The interior minister said that only the truth should be told to the people as he called for a judicial inquiry of the incident by a Sindh High Court judge.

Federal Interior Minister said that senior members in Sindh government are giving baseless and ridiculous statements against the federal government.

Instead of feeling remorse over the incident, Sindh officials are leveling baseless allegations against the federal government, Chaudhry Nisar said.

He said confusion is being spread among the masses by giving false statements. The Interior Minister asked “Why no action was taken over the intelligence alerts?”
He said that country is entering in a sensitive phase, saying that the federal and provincial governments must realize their responsibilities.

It is provincial chief minister’s responsibility to provide relief and rescue services to the masses. Federal government responsibility is to share intelligence details with the provinces, he said.

Chaudhry said truth will prevail once investigation of the airport incident is carried out by the Supreme Court or high court judges.

He said that federal government has no objection if the Sindh government decides to form commission through high court or supreme court to determine as to who were responsible for the Karachi airport incident , saying that the commission should determine as to whether the security of the airport is the responsibility of the federation or the provincial government.

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