Nisar presents draft of national security policy in NA

Nisar presents draft of national security policy in NA

nisaarISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan announced national policy for internal security in the National Assembly on Wednesday. The proposed policy is divided in three parts and is consisting 100 pages. On the occasion Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said if any terrorist attack would be carried out in country the headquarters of terrorists would be targeted. He said overcoming the menace of terrorism from the country is the firm resolve of the PML-N government. He said that the retaliatory actions would be continued and commotion from the country would be ended according to the orders of the Almighty Allah.

Chaudhry Nisar in the presence of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif laid the draft of the new security policy in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

He said three-pronged policy has been adopted to counter terrorism in the country. He said the first part of the policy will be secret‚ second strategic and third operational.

He said the policy has been formulated in a span of five months after consultations with all the segments of society and keeping in view the international models.

He said that this policy is not a final word and genuine inputs of parliamentarians will be welcomed and incorporated in the policy.

The Minister regretted that despite serious situation the previous governments did not bother to formulate a focused national security policy. He said that national security is the matter of the existence and future of the country and for this reason the government made untiring efforts to furnish a comprehensive policy. He said that the issue of terrorism will be resolved with political consensus no matter what option is exercised. He said this is not an easy task as we are facing an unseen enemy but the incumbent government under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is determined to make the country secure at all costs.

He expressed the confidence that we will rid the country of the wave of terror. The Interior Minister said that the decision to hit the hideouts of terrorists was in consistent with the Prime Minister’s statement that violence and dialogue cannot go side by side. He said biggest number of secret institutions after United States but there is lack of coordination between these institutions. He said 26 secret institutions are working in Pakistan.

Interior Minister said the government has introduced basic change in its policy on terrorism and decided to target terrorist leadership in their headquarters.

He said the government gave priority to dialogues with those who wanted to talk. The Interior Minister said talks were held with commitment and transparently; however‚ unfortunately the violence in the country did not come to an end. He said the Prime Minister in the wake of grave violent incidents decided to suspend the talks. He said violence and talks cannot go side by side. The Interior Minister told the National Assembly that input of all the stakeholders was taken for the formulation of policy.

He said the National Counter Terrorism Authority will be made fully functional to deal with all the terror-related issues. He said a rapid response force will initially be established in Islamabad with manpower of five hundred personnel. This force will be replicated in all the four provinces after consultation of the provincial governments. This Anti-Terrorism force will be fully equipped to enable it react rapidly to any terror incident. Similarly‚ an internal security department will be established to enhance cooperation among civil Armed Forces.
Giving strong reaction to the recent acts of terrorism‚ Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that befitting response will be given to any act of terror from the militants and terrorists.

The Interior Minister made it clear that stalled dialogue process will be resumed only after the end of terror activities from the other side. Nisar said he himself had not offered Taliban to play cricket match but he had said while reply a question of media and had asked the media if they have any contact with Taliban then the message of playing cricket might be conveyed. He said that the government has fir resolve for overcoming the terrorism from country, adding that the whole nation should support the government regarding the issue of restoration of peace in country. He said that the nation should guide the government and if government would be wrong it would change its course. He said no province has given any suggestion for the formation of policy, adding no political party except MQM has given suggestions regarding the policy, which should be appreciated.

He said Pakistan is facing critical situation from past 13 years, adding that the previous governments were failed to devise national security policy. He said the other side did not take the dialogue process seriously, adding that the government will not sit silently over the terrorist incidents. He said all agencies are working proactively to root out terrorism from country. He said this is the matter of life of Pakistan. He said all parties should have to unite over the matter of national security. He said overcoming the terrorism issue is difficult task and it should not be taken easy. He said that the enemy is unseen. He said that the media should not give importance to other side, adding that the purpose of enemies is to get equal space and want to give their stance at every issue.

The House will now meet today (Thursday) at 10.30. The chair said that the House will begin discussion on the security policy from Monday.

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