Nisar reiterates resolve of govt to defeat terrorism & restore peace to the country; says Islamabad district courts soft target for terrorists

Nisar reiterates resolve of govt to defeat terrorism & restore peace to the country; says Islamabad district courts soft target for terrorists

nisaarISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has reiterated resolve of the government to defeat terrorism and restore peace to the country. He said 11 persons were killed in the Islamabad district court terrorist incident and 29 others were injured, adding that the politics should not be done on the matter of national security. He said that the accomplices of the seven arrested people from Bahara Kahu area of Islamabad, the elements who are intending to sabotage the peace process or Tehreek-e-Taliabn Pakistan could be involved in the Islamabad terrorist attack.

In a statement in the National Assembly on Monday, he said that there is difference in police and intelligence regarding the number of terrorists. He said that the intelligence has claimed that the third accomplice of the terrorists succeeded to flee from the area; meanwhile the police have said two terrorist attacked in district court. He said that the Islamabad district courts are the soft target of the terrorists.

He said on the one hand it is said the opposition support the decisions of government for restoration of peace in country and on the other hand it is said after every terrorist incident that the government has failed.

He said the government would never be wanting in this regard as we are on the right path and would succeed.

He said we do not believe in doing politics over issues of national security. He said major incidents of terrorism took place in Sindh and KPK during the last seven months but the federal government did not make them an issue of politics.

Giving details of the Islamabad tragedy he said eleven innocent people including a judge were martyred and twenty nine others injured. He said all the injured except one are in stable condition.

He said three Kalashnikov bearing terrorists entered court premises at about 9 a.m. They fired here and there and were engaged by police. One of them was hit by a bullet and blew himself up when fell on the ground. The other also blew himself up while the third fled away. He said at the time of incident forty seven police personnel were present on their duty at different pickets and points.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan gave an assurance that the terrorists would be chased, arrested and brought to justice.

The Interior Minister said he has sent a message to the TTP committee that mere declaration that Taliban had nothing to do with the incident was not enough and they should condemn it and identify the group responsible for the heinous crime.

The Minister said security agencies picked up seven suspects a few days back from the neighbourhood of the Islamabad and one view is that those involved in the court attack might be linked to them. He said another suspicion that they might be linked to TTP or members of the terrorist group opposed to the dialogue process.

The Interior Minister said the court has taken suo moto notice of the incident and the information is still being gathered for submission before the court.

Ch. Nisar said the courage with which our armed forces and security agencies are fighting terror is unparallel. He said initially our armed forces suffered heavy losses as they were trained for conventional warfare and not the guerilla war but today they are fully trained for the purpose. However, police and even personnel of civil armed forces have not yet been trained to fight this kind of war.

He said there is no magic solution to the problem but the government is working on short and long term measures to address the challenge. He said the government succeeded in giving a national security policy within six months and relieved police force of VIP duties.

The Interior Minister said specialized counter terrorism equipment worth 12 million dollar is being imported from China.  Similarly, 65 vehicles to defuse IEDs are being imported.  Five of them have already arrived and the remaining would be reaching in coming months and would also be distributed among provinces. He said 1600 security cameras are also being installed in Islamabad.

He said the Committee constituted by the Government is gathering information and he would be in a better position to give a detailed statement after completion of its inquiry.

Ejazul Haq said the Government alone cannot ensure hundred percent security and it is duty of every citizen to contribute for the purpose. He said besides Taliban, other elements and forces including foreign powers are involved in destabilizing Pakistan. The House will now meet today

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