No deadlock in govt-TTP talks: Rustam Shah

No deadlock in govt-TTP talks: Rustam Shah

rustam-shah-600x330Rustam Shah Mohmand, a member of government’s committee formed for direct talks with Taliban, said on Sunday that the militant have not demanded release of their inmates, however, they have expressed desire for headway in this regard, . “There isn’t anything that they demand release of their prisoners, it’s not a demand but this is just their wish that there must be a progress in the matter of inmates,” Mohmand, who is former ambassador and Afghanistan expert, said in his interview to BBC today. He that the government is reviewing the matter of the release of prisoners and will consider to free if any of them is arrested without evidence. On Thursday, chief of Taliban-proposed dialogue committee, Maulana Samiul Haq, said that Taliban have initially demanded 300 to 400 inmates. Replying to a question, Mohmand dispelled the impression that there is any deadlock in govt-TTP talks. “There is not deadlock or hurdle in the negotiation process, but rather demands are being considered by the two sides.”

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