No institution can intervene into another’s affairs: CJP

No institution can intervene into another’s affairs: CJP

MATIARI, (SANA): Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that that there could be no prosperity without adhering to the rule of law, adding that the social development of the society is not possible without the supremacy of the constitution in country.

Speaking at Matiari Bar Association here on Saturday, Chief Justice Chaudhry said that no institution had the right to interfere in the domain of other institutions. Supremacy of law, he said, could be ensured only if law is applied indiscriminately. He said that it was necessary to deal all the people with equality while making decisions, adding that the judges are well aware of the problems of the complainants. He said that unfortunately the government did not show any seriousness for increasing the number of judges. He said that there would be not agreement for dispensation of speedy justice.

He said that it was his belief that the progress of any society was not possible without the supremacy of the constitution, adding that the discretionary powers should be used under some restriction and judiciary should be independent. He said that all the pillars of the state are bound to use their powers while remaining in their constitutional limits, adding that no institution is allowed to interfere in the matters of other institution. Chief justice said that the constitution has given the right of interpretation of laws to judiciary, adding that the constitution has also power to judiciary to settle the matter between the masses and government. He said that the judiciary has been handed over the responsibility of protection of rights of the masses, adding that active judiciary is required to stop the violations of the human rights of the masses.

Chief justice said that constitution has given vast powers under the articles 184 and 199 so that the judiciary could oversee the steps of the other institutions. He said that with the filing of new cases everyday in court is the proof of masses confidence on the judiciary, adding that the confidence of masses is increasing day by day on judiciary.

The chief justice said that judges could not discharge their duties properly without the independence of judiciary. He said that the constitution guarantees wide-range powers to superior judiciary.

He lauded the role played by lawyers for the restoration of constitution. He said that the movement launched for the independence of judiciary was unprecedented.

“Judiciary is doing its level best to fulfill its constitutional obligations. People’s confidence in judiciary is increasing day by day,” he said.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry said that progress was not possible without ensuring rule of law in the country.

The CJ said that it was incumbent upon the judiciary to work for the basic rights of the people and it could discharge its duties if an independent bar stood by it.

Justice Chaudhry said that the bar has a vital role in dispensation of speedy justice, adding that the judiciary has been putting utmost efforts to fulfill its Constitutional responsibilities.

The country’s top judge maintained that no institution was allowed to intervene in the affairs of others. He said that the role of bar associations is vital for the supremacy of the constitution and law, adding that the bars showed stiff resistance when a dictator attacked the judiciary on November 03, 2007.

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