Notorious gangster killed fighting Rangers

Notorious gangster killed fighting Rangers

savKARACHI: Rangers have allegedly shot dead a notorious gangster after a fierce gun-battle in Lyari here on late Wednesday night.

“Nabeel, was wanted for more than 40 counts of violent crimes like manslaughter, assault, aggravated assault, kidnapping, armed robberies, extortion, possession of illegal arms, etc.“, a Rangers spokesman told Samaa.

According to paramilitary troops, the suspect was allegedly affiliated with Baba Ladla Group, a ruthless gang of criminals based in the seedy slums of Lyari.

Gangs of Lyari have a long history of territorial wars.

It is said that if these gangsters are not busy going about their routine crimes then they are most probably fighting each other for greater control over the area.

Despite of dozens of crackdowns, the gang war related violence, which has so far claimed hundreds of lives, continues to thrive in Lyari.

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