OGRA recommends increase in POL prices

OGRA recommends increase in POL prices

orgISLAMABAD: Oil and Gas regulatory Authority (OGRA) has sent the summary for an increase in the price of petroleum products to the government.

According to the summary, OGRA has recommended 85 paisa increase in the per litre price of petrol.

The summary proposed that the prices of High Speed Diesel (HSD), Light Diesel Oil (LDO) and kerosene oil be raised slightly.

The price of HSD, the most widely consumed petroleum product in the country, was proposed to be increased by Rs 1.34 per litre.

The summary proposed an increase of 82 paisa a litre in the price of LDO, which is used to run tubewells and pumps in the industrial sector.

The price of kerosene, which is used for cooking in remote areas, may go up by Rs 1.18 per litre. The price of high octane blending component (HOBC) may be increased by Rs5.22 per litre.

The authorities will notify the new prices after approval by the prime minister today (Saturday) that will come into effect from tomorrow.

On the other hand, the PM House spokesperson said no decision has been taken to change POL prices, adding that Ogra should review all changes itself.

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