Only PTI has solution of war against terrorism: Imran

Only PTI has solution of war against terrorism: Imran

MINGORA, (SANA): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday vowed to establish peace in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal region, besides introducing reforms in the education, health and police system. He said that the PTI is the only party which has the solution of the war against terrorism. He said that the time of old political parties has become past, adding that the PTI would not award development funds to MPAs and MNAs.

While addressing a public rally in Grassy Ground in Mingora, he said that he would strengthen the nation as not to bow before any power of the world.

He added that both his property and business exist in the country. He would be steadfast and committed to the people and stand by them in every moment of trouble and trial.

He said that he would not take benefit out of politics neither would let any relative to misuse the political platform for his or her personal interests.

He said that he had a dream to become one of the best players of the world in cricket and he materialized his dream by dint of untiring labour. In the same way, he planned a programe to construct a hospital and university for the needy and ultimately succeeded in completing his target.

He said that he had not bowed before anybody. If he is given an opportunity to come to power, he would not underestimate the country for his personal interests.

“Being new prime minister of the country, he would lead a simple life and would not use national resources for his personal benefit”, said Imran Khan.

He claimed that the PTI is the only political party which has ability to take the country out of challenging crises.
“All the candidates would be given tickets on merit. At least 25 percent tickets would be specified for youth”, said Khan.

He said that change in police system is inevitable for change in the social system.

“No minister would be allowed to appoint his or her relative in police department”, vowed PTI chairman.

Imran Khan said that people of Swat rendered sacrifices but peace could not be established. “There will be peace in KP and FATA after PTI comes to power, I asked rulers not to fight the US led war, when I said this they used to call me Taliban Khan,” he said.

“They did call me terrorist and Taliban Khan because I used to say there is no military solution, I called for a political solution. Now those who called me terrorist are calling for peace talks,” Khan said amid slogans.

“But they can’t do that. Insha Allaah I will show you how peace could be restored through involving tribesman. Tribesmen fought for Pakistan in 1948, and 1965 and rendered sacrifices. I will tell them to hold talks with militants in their areas. We have a complete program for this purpose”.

Imran Khan said that people were worried that tickets were not being awarded on merit. “One thing that could lead the defeat of the PTI would be awarding party tickets to wrong people. We will give tickets on merit,” he assured the crowd. He said the PTI was the first democratic party in the country.

“There are no other democratic political parties in Pakistan; other parties belong to family dynasties. Members will elect PTI leaders. Youth will be encouraged and new leadership will be introduced. 25 percent tickets will be awarded to candidates under the age of 35 years,” Imran Khan said. “We won’t be defeated if tickets are awarded on merit.

Commenting on the education system, Khan said a uniform curriculum would be set up for rich and poor in the country and billions would be spent on the education sector.

“I set up Namal university. It was the first institution set up in a village where 90 percent students are given a free education and awarded a Bradford University degree.

“I know how to improve the health system as I set up the best hospital in the country. Now a cancer hospital is also being built in Peshawar.” Khan said that he would introduce pre-1974 justice system in Swat.

Imran Khan said that he fulfilled all the dreams he saw and now he had also dreamed that the PTI had swept the election.

Imran Khan reiterated that PTI would bring peace in tribal region. He said that people of tribal region were patriotic and they rendered have a lot of sacrifices for peace.

He has been asking for a long time that operation was not solution of terrorism, but those who were criticizing him in the past were singing the same slogan of peace talks with insurgents.

Calling youths, he said that you have to make a new Pakistan. He said that PTI would draft an educational system, added that, 25000 billion rupees would be spent on education.

He promised to bring motorway like police in across the country which would be free of political pressure.

The PTI chief said that time of traditional parties have gone, it was time to bring change.

The cricket turned politician said that PTI would distribute party tickets on merit and would give 25 percent party tickets to youths under age of 35 years.

Khan once again repeated his six points which he presented during the Lahore rally a few days back.

He said he would always speak truth to the people. He would not say anything to the people which would be out of his reach.

Khan said that he would save masses wealth, and the wealth would be spent on welfare projects.

No MNA, MPA or influential person would get advantage in his government, Khan said, added that, he would support overseas Pakistanis.

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