Pak invites new Indian PM Modi to visit Pakistan: Pakistani High Commissioner to India

Pak invites new Indian PM Modi to visit Pakistan: Pakistani High Commissioner to India

abdul-basitPakistan has invited new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Pakistan. Pakistani High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit, while confirming the invitation to Narendra Modi to visit Pakistan, emphasized that Pakistan and India as neighbours had no other option but to talk to each other and normalize relations to their mutual benefit.

While talking media in New Delhi, Pakistani High Commissioner, Abdul Basit urged dialogue between India and Pakistan as the only way forward to regional peace. He said that Pak-India relations in the coming five months will be significant.

He said: “Peace is in our mutual interest and peace can only be achieved through dialogue. In the past, we have seen pre-conditions did not work, nor can they work in the future.”

However, further in his statement, while stressing the need to address contentious issues, he added: “Kashmir is an important issue. And the government of India has to fulfill its commitment given to the world.”

Presumably he was referring to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution on holding a Kashmir Plebiscite which was never implemented. It was never implemented because Pakistan never agreed to fulfill the preconditions demanded in the Resolution for holding the Plebiscite.

Abdul Basit said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had congratulated the people of India for the successful elections and the BJP leadership for the party’s unprecedented landslide victory.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed the hope that the decisive mandate received by the BJP would help push forward the agenda of peace for development between Pakistan and India. Abdul Basit said that people in both countries longed for peace and prosperity.

He said that Pakistan leadership was committed to a result-oriented dialogue process. He hoped comprehensive bilateral engagement would resume sooner than later.

The high commissioner responded to many questions. He underlined that South Asia faced many common challenges including poverty, disease and illiteracy. As the two major countries and democracies in the region, Pakistan and India should work together to overcome all challenges and should harness the cooperative agenda.

Abdul Basit also stressed that much had been achieved within the dialogue process and that it would be essential to build on the past work and take irreversible steps forward.

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